Lili, the lamp that helps people with dyslexia

During CES 2022, the company Lili For Life announced that its lamp for dyslexics would soon be available worldwide.

According to the WHO, 8-10% of the world’s population has dyslexia. If the speech therapy sessions make it possible to overcome certain reading difficulties, Lili For Life hopes to make its lamp a major ally for all those concerned. On the occasion of CES 2022, the brand announces a global marketing.

Based on a patented technology awarded by the National Academy of French Medicine, the device developed by Albert Le Floch and Guy Ropars allows thanks to bright flash to correct the effect of superimposed images that occurs in people with this cognitive disorder.

The two French physicists have in fact discovered that unlike normal readers, dyslexics have two guiding eyes, which causes images to overlap when reading. The flashes almost imperceptible to the naked eye of the Lili should thus make the reading process smoother, less tiring and faster. Thanks to a dedicated application, users will be able to customize the settings for a more comfortable and adapted reading experience. The company announces that it is offering support to be able to make the most of the capacities offered by the lamp.

Designed to be easily transportable, it promises to establish itself as an essential tool for learning, especially for the youngest. It can be stored in a satchel using its case or transported in a bag to accompany the user on a daily basis. She displays 6 hours of battery life, solid performance that will allow it to largely survive a day of work or school (with a break taken at lunch for example).

lili dyslexia lamp
Credit: Lili for Life

80% efficiency

After several test phases between May and September 2021, Lili For Life concluded that its lamp was effective for nearly 80% of users. At the end of the 4 months of experimentation, significant improvements in 80% of users were also noted.

Already available in France

If Lili plans to export internationally, it is also in the bakery departments that she plans to impose herself. In France, the French-made tool will be available in self-service in nearly 8 stores of the High-Tech brand. This will be the case in La Roche-sur-Yon, Saint-Brieuc, La Rochelle, Niort, Anglet, Merlimont, Lognes and Rosny-sous-Bois. Elsewhere, it will be possible to obtain it with an order pick-up on the site of the French retailer.

It is also marketed at the fixed price of 349 euros, directly from the company’s website. Note that the company offers a 60-day trial, to ensure that this investment will not be wasted.

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