Limit connections in Transmission download faster?

When it comes to downloading through P2P networks, we can opt for a multitude of Torrent clients. Transmission It is one of the most popular proposals and it is also an open source software preferred by many around the world.

These programs that we install on our computer are what make it possible for us to download the aforementioned torrent files. But not only that, but they also allow us to create our own to later share them with the rest of the users of this type of network. Once we have made the determination to use a certain client or another, for example, Transmission, it is advisable to configure it.

It is not necessary to be an expert in these matters to adapt and personalize the program to our needs. We should set a number of parameters in the configuration to customize the client based on different elements. Things like the connection we havethe capacity of our drives, the time the PC is on, etc. To say that one of the main objectives that we seek with all this is to download and share all kinds of content in the fastest way.

In this particular case we are going to show you how configure connections of the aforementioned Torrent Transmission client in order to try to download content more quickly. It is worth mentioning that to access the configuration of this program we will have to go to its menu Edit / Preferences. Once here we find a new window that contains various tabs at the top. The one that interests us in this case is the Downloading call, where we stand to make the changes mentioned.

Configure Transmission connections and improve downloads

We have already told you before that there are several factors that can directly affect the torrent client download speed like this. It must be said that from this section we have the possibility of configuring the folders that the program will use for the contents. However, what interests us in this particular case is found in the Download queue section. And it is that from the same we will have the possibility of manage the number of connections which we are going to use here.

Transmission interface

By default Transmission is configured to allow a maximum of five connections simultaneously from Max Active Downloads. However, in the event that we have a limited bandwidth, this amount can negatively affect the download of content. In this way, on many occasions we will be interested in limiting simultaneous connections to a smaller number. Thus, the bandwidth consumed by each of them will also decrease and we will be able to obtain the desired content more quickly.

Moreover, in this same section we also recommend set a lower time at 30 minutes set by default for determine that a connection is idle. With all this, what we achieve is to discard those that are not sharing content and use other more useful ones. What we recommend here is to try several parameters in these two elements in order to optimize the operation of the program to our internet connection.

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