LinkedIn is getting a new AI-powered feature

Microsoft has made a strong commitment to AI, a reality that is already beginning to be applied to Windows 11 and Bing, and which has also recently been extended to LinkedIn. The well-known professional social network of the Redmond giant is going to receive an update that will introduce a new feature powered by artificial intelligence, and that will make our lives a little easier.

This new feature collects data from a user’s LinkedIn page and their ad campaign management settingswhich means that it takes into account very important settings, such as the general objectives of the company, as well as the audience and targeting criteria they seek to create ads, and applies all those keys to help us to create relevant content

The function is called «Copy Suggestions«, and as you may have imagined from the description that we have given you in the previous paragraph, it is designed to help companies write titles and texts in advertisements. This feature isn’t officially available yet, but it’s expected to start rolling out gradually in the coming months, so we’ll still have to wait a while to test it out.

According to Microsoft, this new function offers an important value and improves the features of LinkedIn because:

“By helping you increase productivity through instant creation of relevant contentthe solution offers up to five headlines and ad copy recommendations in Campaign Manager that you can edit to align with your brand voice.”

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In the coming months the implementation of AI in LinkedIn it will only growand we can expect the same from this technology applied to other Microsoft solutions, including the Office suite and its most important professional platforms.

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