LinkedIn will use AI to facilitate the creation of profiles and job descriptions

LinkedIn is preparing to expand its pack of tools and functions powered by Artificial Intelligence. On this occasion, through various generative AI toolswhich work in a similar way to how ChatGPT does, and which will take care of the content generation to facilitate the creation and updating of profiles of user, as well as the job descriptions.

One of the tools announced by the company will be in charge of scanning user profiles, looking for skills and experiences. With them as a base, it will later generate summaries and texts, which it will offer as a suggestion to fill in certain areas of the profiles. Of course, it will recommend that users review and edit the texts generated by the tool, in order to «ensure they are correct, and in line with your tone and experience«.

The tool will suggest texts for the “About” section, as well as for the profile header. LinkedIn has already launched it, for the moment in the testing phase. Over the next few months, it will make it available to all users of its paid option, LinkedIn Premium.

Another of the AI-powered tools that LinkedIn is going to launch is directly related to writing job descriptions, which will speed up and facilitate the process of selecting and hiring personnel through the network.

The companies and entities that create jobs will offer the information about the position, which will include the name of the position and that of the company, and the tool will generate a description for it. The company’s hiring managers will then be able to edit the text they are offered to further adapt it to their needs and check that the information that appears in it is correct.

These tools are just some of the ones that LinkedIn has been incorporating for several weeks and that are supported by Artificial Intelligence. Thus, for example, at the beginning of the month, the company confirmed that it was going to use Artificial Intelligence systems to generate entries for collaborative articles, in which humans could participate.

In addition to this tool, LinkedIn is going to add to your training options a hundred classes on Artificial Intelligence. These classes will be available to all LinkedIn users on a free basis. free until June 15, 2023.

Among them there will be training on generative Artificial Intelligence, basics on prompt engineering for generative Artificial Intelligence and introduction to conversational Artificial Intelligence. A generative Artificial Intelligence course for managers will also be offered. Once the free period to follow these courses ends, they will be incorporated into your LinkedIn Learning paid training offer. They will also be included in the network’s Premium paid subscription.

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