Linky invoices sent to the wrong users, the new Windows 11 Task Manager, this is the recap

Users complain about having to pay their neighbor’s electricity bill because of the Linky meter, Window 11’s Task Manager gets a new look, a student makes a fortune selling his selfies, it’s the summary.

Windows 11 New Task Manager

At the start of the weekend, let’s take a look at the news of the day before: an unknown Indonesian student manages to sell his selfies at exorbitant prices, Enedis subscribers complain about receiving their neighbors’ electricity bills , and Windows 11 offers a new Task Manager that adopts dark mode. Come on, let’s go for the last daily summary… While waiting for the one of the week that we will offer you tomorrow morning!

His collection of selfies sold in NFT format is already worth almost a million euros

An Indonesian student has been taking pictures of himself every day for 4 years. If the approach may seem innocuous, it allows him today to earn a generous living. Because he had the good idea to collect his photos and sell them in the form of NFT on the OpenSea platform. He took it well, because his collection is now valued at nearly a million euros.

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Windows 11 gets a new Task Manager

The transformation of Windows 11 continues. After reviewing and fixing the Start menu, Explorer and the Settings application, Microsoft is preparing to update Task Manager. The application now adopts dark mode, while the tabs, usually arranged horizontally at the top of the window, are now arranged in a new column on the left. What to standardize the Manager with the other applications of Windows 11.

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Linky users pay their neighbors’ bills

An Enedis subscriber explains that following an address error (which is not his own), he finds himself having to pay his neighbors’ bill for 3 years. If the case seems to have been settled after many setbacks with Enedis, it seems that this is not an isolated case.

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