Linux becomes more powerful than Windows 11 thanks to Intel Alder Lake

For the first time, the performance of Linux exceeds that of Windows 11. The open operating system owes this feat on the one hand to its recent update, and on the other hand to Alder Lake. Indeed, thanks to the 12th generation of Intel processors, Linux 5.16 displays better benchmark scores than its rival from Microsoft.

Intel Alder Lake
Credit: Intel

Decidedly, we have not finished telling the exploits of Alder Lake processors. It seems that with each new benchmark, Intel’s 12th Gen CPU outperforms competitors. This was the case for AMD’s Ryzen 5 in particular, but also for Apple’s M1 Max chip. Necessarily, such power benefits the operating systems that the Alder Lakes run. And since the update to Linux 5.16, the difference is noticeable to say the least for the open OS.

Indeed, while CPUs have always benefited Windows 11 since their release, this update completely changes the game. For the first time, Linux is much more efficient in many areas than its rival from Microsoft. Proof of this is the series of benchmarks provided by Phoronix, the results of which are almost unanimous.

Alder Lakes boost Linux performance since last update

For its tests, Phoronix used the Core i9 12900K, a model that has reached peak performance since its launch, accompanied by an Asus Z960 motherboard and 64 GB of DDR5 RAM. Thanks to this configuration, Linux is illustrated above all in web browsing. Linux 35810, Linux 5.16, and Linux 5.17 (both paired with Ubuntu 22.04) each outperform Windows 11.

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Note that web browsing is the only area where the difference is so clear. Sometimes Windows 11 takes the top spot again on other tests. Nevertheless, the Microsoft OS only leads the dance in 14 tests, out of a total of 104. The rest of the time, Linux comes first. Linux 35810, on the other hand, ranks first on no less than 66 tests.

intel alder lake benchmark windows 11 vs linux

Source: Phoronix

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