Linux: better testing platform than Windows

«In Linux you can’t play«. Surely you have heard this phrase many times and, although it is true that in the origins of Linux this was true, but It’s been a long time since this stopped being true. The effort carried out by a large community of developers, added to the increasingly present support from the industry, has led, as an example, to Stream Deck, Valve’s video console that in theory will be able to run all the Steam games, will use an operating system based on this operating system. Yes, it can be played on Linux, and people do it on a daily basis.

A very interesting aspect of the Linux user community is that, as a general rule, show a higher level of commitment to their operating system than those that use Windows and macOS, something that added to the nature of the operating system, free software, makes its users participants in its evolution and improvement. It is true that Windows has its insiders program, in which users can test development versions and provide a lot of feedback, but in Linux any user is potentially a tester with the possibility of contributing to its development.

This circumstance gives rise to circumstances like the one we can read today in Neowin, where they echo the Linux community support for a game developer, Kodera Software. And it is that, after two years of testing his game ΔV: Rings of Saturn In this operating system, it has been able to verify that the feedback provided by its users is much higher than that obtained from players who have used it in other operating systems.

In this video we can see Cyberpunk 2077 on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04.1).

Specifically, and according to the data provided, andl 38% of the bugs found in the game were reported by users who played it on Linux, something surprising if we take into account that, in the total of players of ΔV: Rings of Saturn, those who have played it on Linux represent only 5.8%. Of around 12,000 copies distributed, only about 700 were installed on Linux. This indicates that the player using the free operating system is 650% more likely to report errors than the Windows player.

One aspect that is important to clarify, because it would be a logical doubt, is that said increase in the number of bug reports does not have to do with problems that affect ΔV: Rings of Saturn exclusively on Linux. And it is that according to the developer, of the 400 reports received from Linux, only three were related to platform-specific issues.

This is not, and I think it is important to clarify, a criticism of Windows or macOS users. However, there is no doubt that we are talking about very different profiles. Both the degree of involvement of users with their operating systems, and the ways they offer for community participation in their development, encourage the user to become much more involved in Linux (and consequently also in the rest of the software that used) than in other operating systems.

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