Linux does not quite convince PC gamers, why?

The lack of games has always haunted him

Of course, one of the main reasons why this system is not quite successful among players is because lack of catalog. With a 90% quota, the logical thing is that the developers release all their games for this OS, since it is where they will get the most benefit. Some decide to give a vote of confidence and launch their titles also for Linux, although the truth is that these are only the minority.

The truth is that it is getting easier play on linux, and all thanks to Steam. Valve has bet a lot on its operating system, starting with SteamOS, its Debian distro for players, and continuing with the Proton and Steam Play project that seeks, through Wine, to allow users to download, install and play Windows games from Linux without complications. In addition, with its new Steam Deck console, Linux is once again the protagonist to play (although it will be necessary to see how many users do not end up installing Windows for convenience).

Linux drivers affect performance

To get a good performance when playing it is not only necessary to have the latest hardware, but also to have some good drivers. And, as the majority operating system, manufacturers usually release their official drivers for Windows, leaving Linux aside almost always.

Thanks to the community, any hardware device works on Linux, both the latest parts to reach the market and the oldest components. However, the free drivers they often do not offer the same performance as proprietary controllers. What’s more, even if we install the proprietary graphics drivers, normally the performance leaves a lot to be desired if we compare them with those of Windows.

This means that the same game ends up showing the typical “stuttering” or jumps, as well as drops in FPS or poor performance in Linux while, in Windows, being more optimized, they work much better.

The usual excuses for not using Linux

In the end, everything is always a loop. Why aren’t developers betting more on Linux? Because users don’t use it. And why don’t they use it? Due to the lack of support from the developers. In addition, we also have the typical excuse that Linux is difficult to useWe are not going to know how to use the operating system, despite the fact that today, thanks to the great distros that we can find on the Internet, it is not more complicated than any other operating system.

GNOME 40 Launcher

Be that as it may, the latest hardware surveys reveal a Linux market share, among gamers, of 1.05%. And this is the highest value in the history of Steam. We hope that, little by little, this value will grow, developers will bet more and more on this OS and Linux receives the support it deserves from hardware manufacturers to offer performance at the level of Windows.

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