Linux features that you should know if you come from Windows

If for better or for worse Windows has been the operating system that has mostly happened, surely we are familiar with some ways of working different from those that we are going to find in Linux. That is why it is convenient to take into account some differential aspects before moving from one system to another.

Linux, it rewards you if you earn it

When we decide to take the step and bet on Linux as an operating system to the detriment of Windows, we must be clear about some aspects. Linux, in its various distributions, is not an operating system “for everyone.” Start working with him requires interest and perseverance. First, to know which distro we are going to install and then to get used to a way of working it may be different from the one we are used to. That is why patience, curiosity and the desire to learn will be key to develop satisfactorily. With these clear premises we will find an operating system that can give us a lot and make us forget about Windows in a short time. Otherwise we will surely go out shot, eager to return to Microsoft.

Linux changes compared to Windows

When we have any Linux distro installed on our computer we will find some changes. For example, we must forget about the .exe or .msi extensions to install applications as they do not exist. The main extensions used are .deb, .rpm, .tar or .xz. If we are used to using the Microsoft Office office suite, we will not have it available here. Of course, we can opt for other free software such as LibreOffice or OpenOffice, which offer compatibility with Microsoft formats, to solve the problem. We will not be able to use Photoshop either, but we will have GIMP, a popular free code editor that will prevent us from missing the Adobe program.

On Linux, normally there are no installation packages and any application is installed through a package manager. If we are used to using the Windows console, in Linux we must learn some commands such as ls (directory), cp (copy) or mv (rename). It is also possible that we forget about the drivers since they will be included in the kernel of the distribution. And surely they have told you sometime, but yes, in Linux we must forget about playing the most popular games on the market. (

UbuntuDDE - Desktop 4

Surely we are going to obtain a higher performance from our PC than we obtained with Windows. Therefore, we are going to have to forget about apps to optimize the system, or to clean the registry, which does not exist here. Of the antivirus, it is also possible that we forget about them, because, although it is not perfect, it is no less true that the risk of being attacked by a virus, malware or hacker is much lower than that of the Microsoft operating system.

These are some of the most significant changes that we find when using Linux for the first time and to which we will have to get used to with a little patience and practice to adapt perfectly to a new system that has little to envy that of Microsoft. Also, if at any time we miss it, we can opt for applications like Wine, which will allow us to run Windows applications on Linux.

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