Linux is already supported by Mac Studio and the M2 chip

MacOS Catalina already on Linux

Knowing that Apple surprised the most skeptical by making Linux run easily on Macs with M1, it was almost certain that we would have compatibility with the new M2 chip. That’s right, right now the Asahi Linux for Mac project has made some improvements and with the latest version adds that support for the new chip but also for Mac Studio, along with Bluetooth. Very good news, no doubt.


AsahiLinux is a project and community with the goal of implementing Linux on Macs with Apple Silicon. At the moment we know that it has been achieved on some Macs with M1 of 2020: Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The objective of the project is not only that this operating system can be run on Apple machines, but also that it is that it can be used naturally and daily, even being the main one that can be used if you have an Apple computer. As always, we know that this operating system is grounded in the community that works tirelessly to make it work and remain open source.

The project has announced new support for the M2 chip, Bluetooth and Mac Studio. In fact, we can read that compatibility with this computer model has not been difficult at all. Although it has not been a bed of roses either, since they have had to carry out some changes to bootloader and device treesall to handle the idea of ​​a SoC with multiple dies.

Although really, the most interesting thing has been the ability to be able to achieve compatibility with M2, because Apple will continue to create new chips and create new machines and that isThe project is able to follow the evolution, it means that we will have that compatibility in the next ones that may come and that is very good for everyone.

There’s a lot more information about what’s new and about what can be done. You just have to go to his blog.

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