Liquid cooling to withstand the heat wave, which is the best?

This summer we are surfing different heat waves that, among other things, cause your computer to work at high temperatures. If you want to lower these temperatures, you are interested in these two liquid refrigerations all in one. The solutions of Thermaltake and Nfortec not only do they have a cool design, they are now with up to 11% discount.

We first have the Thermaltake TH240 ARGB Snow Edition which has a dual fan radiator and a cooling block that includes a single RGB system. Then we have the Nfortec Atria RGB 360 White, which has a triple fan radiator and pump with an incredible mirror effect.

Thermaltake TH240 ARGB Snow Edition

The good thing about liquid cooling, compared to air coolers, is that they allow improve heat dissipation. Water has the property of absorbing and losing heat quite quickly. Thanks to this property, we will be able to cool better, making it work at lower temperatures and for what I have, it performs much better.

This liquid cooling is characterized by having a 240mm radiator with room for two 120mm fans. This block size is excellent as it allows it to be installed on virtually any tower on the market. It has a design that increases the contact surface of the liquid and, therefore, allows better cooling of the processor.

It has a high performance pump that allows a great thermal conductivity. The base of the pump that is in direct contact with the processor is made of copper, to transfer the heat as quickly as possible to the water. It also has a highly reliable pump to avoid scares shortly after installing it. The pump includes customizable RGB lighting.

Integrate this white liquid cooling with two fans with RGB lighting, both 120mm. These two can be manage through a small controller that arrives with the kit. Additionally, lighting can be managed using the software of the main motherboard manufacturers.

Good solution if we have a compact PC tower, such as a mini-ITX. It will allow lowering the temperature of the processor with respect to other cooling systems.

Nfortec Atria RGB 360 White

If you are one of those looking to build a computer that will dazzle your friends and want high-quality solutions, you will love this liquid cooling. We are talking about a cooling system compatible with all Intel and AMD processors, and that offers us great performance.

Is AIO liquid cooling It is characterized by having a block of 360mm radiator, which houses three fans. It is designed in white, in case you are setting up a system to play with this striking color. This liquid cooling offers us a system of quick mountso that we can assemble it in a very short time.

The pump for this liquid cooling is above the processor, as in most of these systems. Has a direct contact copper base with the processor where the water flows. This allows heat to be captured quickly and in its large radiator we can dissipate most of the heat.

Bill three 120mm fans with ARGB lighting (as well as the pump) to help dissipate heat quickly. We can choose to leave the lighting configuration set natively or connect it to the motherboard and thus synchronize it with the rest of the equipment. This is something that will depend on what each user wants.

It is possibly the best option for which we can rule out, due to its large radiator and having three high-performance fans. Very good solution so that your computer does not die from the heat order

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