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Want apps to learn english on iphone? Then you have come to the right place. In this post we will tell you which are your best options to start learning English from the comfort of your home and with just your iPhone.

Nowadays speak a second language is synonymous with better job opportunities around the world. English It is one of the most spoken languages on the planet, which is why more people choose to start studying it.

Before you had to appeal to books and encyclopedias, and although this method is still used, thanks to technology, you can learn almost anything just having a WiFi connection and your smart device.

If you are looking to take your first steps in English, we recommend the following list of applications for your iPhone.



This application to learn English It is one of the most popular in its category. Among the languages ​​it offers, you will have:

  • English.
  • French.
  • Italian.
  • German.
  • Spanish.
  • Portuguese.

One of its best aspects is that it will allow you to start according to your level knowledge in the language. If you have previous knowledge of English, you can indicate that you already know something, and you can start reviewing to reinforce the knowledge you have already acquired.

your lessons they are varied, and include pronunciation exercises, translation and audios to listen to. The more progress, more rewards will give you, and you can exchange what they give you for more unlockable content. When you make several mistakes in a row, the app will give you the option to repeat that lesson so that it does not happen again.

The app is completely free, and its lessons are highly interactive, so you won’t get bored.

Duolingo (App Store Link)



another one of the best apps to learn english on iphone it’s Busuu. It is a kind of free social network that will make it easier for you to learn languages ​​online. Besides Spanish, includes 11 additional languages, such as English, Chinese and Polish.

This app has millions of users, and the lessons it offers are packed with of audiovisual material that students can use to study. There is material that will be paid, and if you opt for this modality, you will be able to interact with native English speakers from countries like the United States.

you can learn more than 2,000 keywords of the languages ​​you choose, in order to increase your current vocabulary.

Busuu: Learn Languages ​​(AppStore Link)



Unlike Duolingo or Busuu, Memrise is an app that bases its success on in their didactic games. Each person selects the language they want to learn, and at the beginning, they will be able to learn through luddism or games full of words and colors to make the process more fun.

It will be particularly useful to review your prior knowledge of English, and you will be put to the test with choreographed tests and scheduled reminders with the intention of increase your ability to learn.

you will have the help of native speakers, who will give you their recommendations so that you can advance further in your learning. Likewise, you will not only find grammar and reading lessons, but you can learn common phrases in English.

Memrise Easy Language Learning (AppStore Link)

EWA English


It is one of the language learning apps most downloaded by Apple users who speak Spanish. This application will allow you to practice your English through activities that will not take even 20 minutes of your day to day

Among its best elements is its content. No matter how much time you have, you can get quality content to listen, read and practice. The result will be that you will be able to learn expressions and words while watching or listening to ludic material in the language.

In turn, the application mix videos and books with more classic elements such as the famous learning cards. In the application, you will get more than 30 thousand cards that will cover the most important areas of the language you are learning.

EWA English: Learn English (AppStore Link)


It looks a lot like Duolingo, and it is that Falou is an app that bets for not very long activities, with which you will learn to write in English, as well as read and understand paragraphs or conversations.

You should not spend hours using this app, and a few minutes will suffice a day so that you begin to notice an improvement when it comes to recognizing words and sounds.

Added to this, Falou implements the use of audio snippets to improve your English speaking skills. Each time you manage to overcome each challenge, you will be awarded a practical certificate

It will be very useful for you to practice your current English, and it has a large part of its content fully accessible. For those who want more advanced content, there is a payment section.

Apart, you can share your achievements with other students using Falou. The app has an internal forum where you can leave your opinions regarding the lessons, and others will be able to read what you comment.

Falou - The best English app (AppStore Link)

With this list of the best apps to learn english on iphone, you will be able to improve what you currently know of English.

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