Listen much better to your favorite music from Spotify with this unknown function

All streaming audio and video platforms include a series of settings within the configuration options, some of them activated natively that allow us to modify the operation, for better or worse, of the platform. We can also find other settings, disabled by default, which, for the most part, allow us to enjoy additional functions that very few users know about and that, without a doubt, for many, offer a substantial change which, once tried, they cannot give up.

The Spotify desktop application includes a large number of functions with which we can customize both the playback quality (despite offering us a Hi-Fi version as if offered by Tidal, Amazon Music or Apple Music), normalize the volume and automatically adjust it to the sound of the environment, merge the end and beginning of songs to completely eliminate silences between songs from Spotify among many other functions.

But, one of the functions that very few users use, since it is not accessible from the application, is the possibility of adjusting the playback based on the type of music we are listening to, through the equalizer available within the configuration options of the application. The old music equipment with which both vinyl and CDs were reproduced, in the most complete models there was always an equalizer, an equalizer that allowed us to play with the different bands until we found the best way to listen to our favorite music.

Spotify Equalizer

The Spotify equalizer is available within the Spotify configuration options, and which we can access by clicking on our avatar. This equalizer includes up to 22 presets different ones that are in charge of modifying the quality of the songs that we play.

  • Flat (this is Spotify’s default option)
  • Acoustics
  • bass enhancer
  • bass reducer
  • classical
  • dance
  • deep sound
  • electronics
  • Hip hop
  • Jazz
  • latin
  • Volume
  • Lounge
  • Piano
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • small speakers
  • recited texts
  • treble enhancer
  • treble reducer
  • voice enhancer

Each of these genres includes a completely different configuration, so depending on what type of music we are going to listen to, if we want to enjoy all shades or emphasize or reduce certain instruments or even voices, we must select the one that best suits the type of music.

Spotify Equalizer

At that time, Spotify will modify the equalizer by setting the default values ​​for that music genre. Yes, it is quite close to what we are looking for, but it is missing a point, we can manually modify adjustments by moving the band levels up and down using the mouse.

Once we have selected the setting we want or if we have modified the equalizer based on the established setting, we only have to wait a few seconds to check the change in playback quality. Natively, Spotify’s equalizer is found in the Flat option, that is, it plays the music without going through no type of filter that allows you to modify its quality and enhance or reduce it.

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