Listen: the new Chrome 96 arrives, the secret dock of Windows 11 and goodbye to Edge

Despite the fact that today the Internet is part of the lives of many users around the world, they need a series of programs and platforms to get the most out of it. This is the case of the browsers that we have at our fingertips such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

If we refer specifically to the proposal offered by the search giant, It should be mentioned that one of the secrets of its success are the constant updates received. This is the case that concerns us right now with the recent launch of the new Chrome 96. Despite the many available proposals that we can download and install, they are all a long way off in terms of penetration of use of this browser.

What the new Chrome 96 has to offer us

There is no doubt that all the news that are released regarding this specific program directly affect hundreds of millions of users. Well, it must be said that among the most interesting news in this case we find that now the HTTPS protocol It is used to connect to the web with HTTPS record available in DNS. Additionally, web applications can launch links from sites like Twitter using their PWA.

An enhancement to backspace cache has also been added to speed up the loading of previously visited pages. To all this, we can add some interesting security functions that allow us to surf the Internet with less risk. An example is the new policy without credentials for secure access to platforms without having to enter our access data.

Further improves the Windows 11 user interface

One of the main objectives that Microsoft has set itself with the launch of Windows 11, is to give a radical change to the aspect of the user interface of the operating system. Perhaps one of the most striking novelties that have been implemented here are the rounded corners for the windows that we see on the screen. However, there are still details in this regard that must be polished, although we can always use third-party solutions.


This is the case of the tool called RoundedTB, an application that basically allows us to make the taskbar of Windows 11 be rounded. In this way, its appearance adapts to that of the rest of the system. In addition, it offers us the possibility of adding other elements to this Windows bar. It is worth mentioning that all this is carried out internally without modifying any system file or making permanent changes to it. Thus, in order to benefit from all this that we tell you, we only have to download the program from the Microsoft Store itself and install it.


If you don’t want to use Edge, don’t

Just a few days ago we informed you that Microsoft was taking steps to keep us using Edge on Windows, whether we wanted to or not. For example, for this he had blocked the use of the program EdgeDeflector that allowed us to use other browsers by default. However, a new proposal has appeared that solves this problem.

Specifically, it is MSEdgeRedirect, a tool that takes over and, like EdgeDeflector, allows us to redirect the News and Interests widget or Windows search to our default browser. This program filters the command line arguments of the Edge processes to our favorite browser, which protects it against future changes from Redmond.

This is what it actually does is truncate Microsoft’s own plans to, somehow, try to force us to use its Edge browser, even if we have another one configured by default.

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