Listen: This OS turns 14, LXQt for Linux gets an update, and more

Let us talk about desktop computers or mobile devices, the operating systems they use are the most important software. In this case we refer to elements such as Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, etc.

Depending on our needs, the type of use, priorities or device, we will choose one software or another. Of course, depending on the choice we will have access to a series of programs and features. Therefore, this is quite an important decision when we are about to start working with a new team. In most cases we opted for Windows for desktop computers, and Android for mobiles.

One of the most used operating systems in the world has a birthday

Now we are talking about this type of software specifically because one of the most important proposals of this type in the world has a birthday. With all this, what we really want to tell you is that on a day like today, November 5, the first version of the Android operating system of Google. We refer to the one that at the time became known as Android 1.0 Apple Pie. Of course, we must bear in mind that the first terminals based on this system did not appear until the following year.

Over the years and the enormous market penetration of this software, we could consider this day as that, but from year 2007, It was a huge advance in everything related to the mobile market.

Become an expert in LibreOffice with these official videos

Changing the subject completely and focusing on the office automation sector, here the main protagonist is Microsoft Office, although not the only one. Over the years, many other very interesting proposals have appeared, as is the case in which we are going to focus now. And the open source LibreOffice suite has not stopped gaining customers in recent times. Here we find the office software more common than surely they will be very useful.

In fact, a conference corresponding to the current year 2021 has recently been held in which a series of interesting videos have been exhibited. Therefore, if you want to become an expert in this suite, here are several of these contents so that you can enjoy them from home.

Linux LXQt desktop environment is updated after 8 years

The team behind the development of the Linux desktop environment, LXQt, has just announced the release and version 1.0.0. Here we will find a good amount of new features and improvements, all after more than eight years of development. This release comes after six months of LXQt 0.17.0 with new features such as two new themes, a do not disturb mode for notifications, or a new plugin called Custom Command.

LXQT linux

This allows us to execute a custom command, as well as being able to save and load Qt palettes in the desktop appearance configuration. The file manager from LXQt. We also find an improved image viewer with support for EXIF, direct image renaming, or an option from the Command line to launch the application in full screen.

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