Little has been said about Devolver Digital: what’s new?

PC games are a pleasant oasis in which titles appear from time to time that we can only enjoy between fishbowls. Original ideas, smaller but entertaining and daring and that They make us spend unforgettable moments doing what we like the most. And in this field, few companies have moved with as much success as Devolver Digital, which in recent years has held its own conferences at events such as E3 or the most recent Summer Game Fest.

The fact is that this company, founded barely 14 years ago, knew how to see the potential of the digital computer market and trace it to get the study work indie that they were throwing little jewels. So it is normal that each new event that it organizes ends up dragging thousands of users who still consider the PC one of the best platforms to see it. gaming that exist –if not the best–.

Few news but intense

It must be said that in the past Summer Game Fest Devolver Digital presented several things, some that have already been launched and others that are being updated, so we are going to stay exclusively with those that are to come. That leaves us with a small bouquet of names that you recognize the same from a distance. No? They were these:

The Thalos Principle II

Second installment that puts us back in the position of solve extraordinarily difficult puzzles, but with an absorbing setting that will keep us glued to the PC screen for hours. Quiet, relaxing at times but very addictive because of the increasing difficulty of the obstacles that it offers us. Luckily we won’t have to save Humanity… because it’s already extinct.

Baby Steps

Many PC games use humor and absurd situations to make us enjoy ourselves. Games with goats, toasters and, in this Baby Stepswe will discover that our protagonist has the superpower of walking, to put one foot in front and then the other and verify that this is how you can move around the world. Take a look at the trailer and if you understand something… let us know!

Human Fall Flat 2

If the first installment already blew your mind with its experiments and physical tests –not of exercising, but of physical laws with objects–, this time Human Fall Flat goes one step further with a much more ambitious approach. If you have not tried the first one, you are taking a long time, so you prepare yourself for everything that this long-awaited sequel will have.

Wizard with a Gun

We can add little more to the name of the game: a magician with a weapon, is the summary of a title that belongs to the populous genus of survival where we will have to make our way collecting resources and manufacturing tools to evolve. On this occasion, everything happens in a magical universe and cooperatively, if we want, together with a friend.

Bleak Sword DX

As bonus track of the news of Devolver Digital we leave you this game that you already have for sale and that it is a Deluxe edition from the one that came out for Apple Arcade four years ago. Now it is much bigger on PC but it maintains its devilish action and fun, as well as an enormous quality pixel perfect with 3D settings but with that magical air of the old Atari 2600 cartridges that makes you fall in love.

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