LIVALL, the best helmet for the electric scooter?

a smart helmet

This peculiar protective helmet for bicycles and electric scooters is frankly very striking. And it is because it includes a series of lights that allow us to give information to those around us about possible maneuvers. Thus, if we are going to turn right, we can turn on the right turn signal to warn those behind us, in the same way as a turn signal on a car.

To execute these luminous actions we will use a remote control that can be placed on the handlebar in a very simple way, thus avoiding having to make signals with the arms and reducing the danger of destabilization typical of electric scooters.

auto brake light

A very interesting detail is that with the help of an accelerometer the helmet is able to detect when we are slowing down to activate the brake light located at the rear. In this way we will inform of the braking, and we will emit a more powerful and visible light than the integrated one of the scooter. This brake light will be activated for a total of 8 seconds, so it will be more than enough to cover braking.

This brake light, together with the indicators, covers a viewing angle of 270 degrees, so you will remain visible at a fairly generous viewing angle.

Covered in case of accident

LIVALL helmet

And, finally, the helmet has a rather striking intelligent function that detects possible falls and accidents, so that if you fall, the system connects to your mobile phone after 90 seconds of inactivity, and proceeds to carry out a emergency call sending the exact location by GPS.

In addition, this GPS information can also be used in its official application, being able to share the location with contacts or go on a bike route in a group and keep all the members located at all times.

Also with integrated speakers

If you prefer to circulate listening to music but you are aware that wearing headphones is a complete temerity, the BH51M NEO model includes speakers with JBL technology that will allow you to listen to music without blocking the sound from outside. As if that were not enough, a built-in microphone will also allow you to receive and send phone calls, so you will not miss calls in case you are driving.

How much they cost?

The models are available in two different sizes (M and L) and their prices are €129 Y €179 for the EVO21 and BH51M NEO models respectively, whose main differences are basically the incorporation of speakers in the latest model. Both can be purchased on the official website of the manufacturer.

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