Livebox 6: here is the design of the new Orange box

Livebox 6, Orange’s new box, unveils its design in images just a few days before its official presentation. As predicted by the first photo released by the operator, this box will be able to stand vertically.

Credits: Twitter

As you may know, Orange will present its new Livebox 6 on April 6, 2022 during a dedicated event. As a teaser, the operator released a first image of its future box. Only and unfortunately for Orange, the tweets Tino-X83 decided to spoil the surprise effect by posting several stolen photos of the Livebox on Twitter.

The opportunity for us to discover in preview the design of this new box. As suggested by the first image shared by Orange, these photos confirm that the Livebox 6 is designed to be installed vertically. With its briefcase look, we can’t say that the Livebox 6 has a design that goes everywhere. Whether we agree or not, we will have to deal with it.

Note that both sides of the device are covered with a special coating, while on the front there is an e-ink touch screen, which will display certain information such as error messages, the channel you are on, the time, etc. The upper part of the box houses the traditional indicator light which will indicate the status of your connection. The photos shared by the tweetos also allow us to see in detail Livebox 6 connectors.

livebox 6 orange
Credits: Twitter

The Livebox 6 is revealed in images a few days before the presentation

Thus, the device offers a 2.5 Gb / s Ethernet port, four 1 Gb / s Ethernet ports, two RJ11 ports for connecting landline phones, a port for optical fiber and a USB-A port. We also note the presence of an imposing On / Off button. As a reminder, the Livebox 6 should offer a maximum speed of 5 Gb / s and especially plans to support WIFI 6E.

Excellent news, especially since France has just authorized its use for all French operators. This new generation of WIFI brings a major change: the addition of the 6 GHz band, which makes it possible to offer three additional channels to your box. This results in a better connection and 30% better throughput when the network is overloaded. Provided of course that your devices are compatible with WIFI 6E.

livebox 6 orange
Credits: Twitter

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