Livebox 6: WiFi 6E, speed, design, the next Orange box is revealed

2022 would be an opportunity for Orange to launch its Livebox 6 on the market. In any case, this is what the firsts reveal concerning the future box. According to rumors, it would (finally) be compatible with WiFi 6, or even WiFi 6E. It is composed of an RJ45 port at 2.5 Gb / s and four others at 1 Gb / s.

Orange Livebox

Two years ago, Orange presented its Livebox 5. The operator then made the daring choice of skip WiFi 6 and offer a speed climbing up to 2 Gb / s. Despite the technological delay displayed, the latter then pleaded an environmentally friendly strategy. A strategy quickly forgotten, according to the first information concerning the Livebox 6.

Our colleagues from Next Inpact thus reveal that the box, whose code name would be Safran, is a model entirely designed for fiber. As a result, we would not find an xDSL module, but rather two RJ11 connectors and two VoIP lines. The number of ports is also revised upwards: a 2.45 Gb / s RJ45 port, in WAN therefore since it is fiber, would be accompanied by four ports at 1 Gb / s each.

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Here is the first info about the Livebox 6

We can therefore expect a minimum speed of 5 Gb / s, although it is difficult to say for sure at the moment. What is certain, however, is the long-awaited switch to WiFi 6. For the time being, tests have focused on the frequencies at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. But the Livebox would in theory be compatible with the 6 GHz bands, which will allow it to use WiFi 6E, which France recently authorized for use.

On the design side, the Power and Reset buttons would be placed on the back, while two status LEDs would dress the upper face of the case. The latter would also be composed of‘a touch screen giving access to a certain number of information and settings. It would finally be possible to test the operation of the box usinga “service” button.

The whole would be relatively compact, although a little thick, the whole coated witha material giving the impression of being a fabric. No information regarding its release date or price has yet been revealed. Remember, however, that Orange took advantage of the launch of the Livebox 5 to discreetly increase its prices.

Source: Next Inpact

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