Llamp celebrates its second edition with a prize of 50,000 euros for entrepreneurship

The second edition of Llamp 3i is already underway. The acceleration program promoted by the General Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism of the Generalitat Valenciana will take place between months of April and October.

The novelty of this edition is the call for the 3i Entrepreneurship Awardsa total of four awards endowed with €50,000 intended to recognize the most innovative companies for the positive effect that its proposals, products, services or forms of action have on the economy, the environment and society. The deadline for submitting applications to be part of the program and the award is now open and will be extended until May 6 (link to registration:

These 3i Entrepreneurship awards will recognize four categories: greater environmental impact, with an economic endowment of 15,000 euros; greater social impact, with another 15,000 euros in prize money; and triple innovative impact, like the previous ones with a purse of 15,000 euros. Each of these categories will have a first, second and third prize. In addition, there will also be a prize for female leadership, this time with a prize of 5,000 euros.

Triple impact of innovative projects

The general director of entrepreneurship and cooperativism, Teresa García, has highlighted that “The objective of this program is to guide the innovative entrepreneurship projects that are generated in our territory towards triple impact. The Valencian entrepreneurship ecosystem must have in its value proposition cause a positive social and environmental impact, together with technological development. At LlampCV, social innovation is worked on as a basis for establishing the sustainability of projects that are accelerated. We can detect the triple impact in a cooperative of hairdressers or in a start up that works with blockchain technology, the important thing is that entrepreneurs are aware of how the development of their activity interacts with the planet and society and that this interaction be positive”.

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The program has 10 participating entities, from Alicante, Castellón and Valencia: Avaesen, Bioval, CEEIs of the Valencian Community, Fevecta, Fundación Novaterra, Fundesem, Las Naves and Social Nest, which will provide the participating companies with their specialized experience to help them achieve the triple-impact innovation and sustainable development goals that have been set.

In addition to being eligible for the Entrepreneurship 3i awards, the program includes a series of activities to encourage entrepreneurship and the innovation that will be carried out throughout these seven months. Within these activities are: training actions in different business areas; individualized mentoring with experts to contribute to the consolidation of startup projects, training and information on sustainability certifications; or communication workshops and pitch preparation, LLAMP Fair and Demo Day among others. Likewise, participants will be provided with information on public aid and subsidies. This edition of the program will end in October with a closing event and the Entrepreneurship 3i awards ceremony.

Acceleration of nearly 50 companies and entrepreneurial projects

The Llamp 3i program of the General Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism, of the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Labor, is aimed at supporting, guiding and empowering companies and entrepreneurs in achieving a triple innovative impact: socially, environmentally and economically sustainable, in this way, to help align its activity with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and achieve a sustainable future for all, focused not only on obtaining economic profitability but also a social and environmental protection commitment.

Specifically, Llamp 3i is focused on self-employed professionals and companies, less than 3 years old, that have the potential, expectations and desire to become business projects that generate a positive impact on society, beyond the economic one. Likewise, it seeks to contribute to the care of our territory and the citizens of the Valencian Community. In this edition, it will support nearly fifty companies to help them in their process of acceleration and alignment with the SDGs.

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