Llamp recognizes 10 Valencian startups at the 3i Entrepreneurship Awards

Llamp 3i has recognized the 10 most innovative startups in the Valencian Community in the 3i Entrepreneurship Awards.

Proteus Innovation in the Triple Innovative Impact category, Clotsy Brand in Environmental Impact, La Llum Cooperativa Creativa in Social Impact and Laüd Recycled in Female Leadership have been chosen.

The awards that were delivered in the final act of Lamp 3i 2022, the acceleration program promoted by the General Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives of the Generalitat Valenciana and coordinated by the CEEIs of the Valencian Community, which involve the Valencian entrepreneurship ecosystem. Llamp 3i seeks, in this way, to give visibility to companies that, through their proposals and activity, generate a greater positive impact on society.

During the closing event, in addition, three Valencian companies of reference for their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, Quinton, Consum and Becsa Laboratoriesdisclosed their commitment to corporate social responsibility, how they apply it to their management, and the social, environmental, and sustainable impact they generate in the region.

The event was also attended by the writer Elsa Punset, María Teresa García Muñoz, general director of Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives, the directors of the CEEIs of the Valencian Community (Justo Vellón from CEEI Castellón; Joaquín Alcázar from CEEI Elche and Ramón Ferrandis from CEEI Valencia) and Rafael Climent, Minister of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Labor.

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The day concluded with the delivery of the Llamp 3i 2022 Awards. Specifically, the winner in the Triple Innovative Impact category (10,000 euros prize) is Proteus Innovation, a company that develops unmanned boats for companies and individuals with the aim of digitizing the aquatic sector. This company has had the mentoring of Avaesen.

For his part, the winner of the Environmental Impact award (10,000 euros prize), Clotsy Brand, develops sustainable fashion with the environment in mind, creating durable garments that take care of the planet, animals and people, also guaranteeing ethical work for each person in the process. In this acceleration program they had the help of CEEI Valencia.

The company awarded the Social Impact award (10,000 euros prize), The Creative Cooperative Llum is, as its name suggests, a creative social communication cooperative. They focus their work from a perspective of social innovation and accessibility, working in a multidisciplinary way for social organizations and public companies, through the design of projects and campaigns focused on creating value for society in a transversal way. In this case, the collaborating company has been Fevecta.

Finally, in the Female Leadership category (5,000 euros prize), Laüd Recycled Led by Oneida Román, it is a sustainable footwear brand that aims to bring fashion closer to sustainability. Its collections are committed to the use of recycled materials, vegan leather and the incorporation of organic matter from coffee among its components. The mentor organization in this case has been Bioval.

In the awards ceremony, the companies that came in second place were also recognized with an endowment of 3,000 euros per startup: Scarabat – El Poble del Port, Coop.V.; The Loop Solutions 2030 and FreeShakes. In this sense, with 2,000 euros, the third-place winners were: IHD Modular 2030; Slowers and Vitex Health. As the main novelty, this year the prizes have been endowed with an economic bag worth 50,000 euros that was distributed among all the winners.

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