Lock the Apple Watch if you are going to bathe with it

Summer is coming and with it the beach or the pool… These are more than daily activities for many of us, so today we are going to see how we can activate the water lock on the clock so that it avoids possible involuntary screen touches.

The feature that is available from the Apple Watch Series 2 to the current Apple Watch Series 6 prevents you from accidentally using it while in the water. The moment we deactivate this Water Lock again, the watch will expel any water residue from the speaker by means of a vibration and sound. This is interesting since in this way it is avoided that the sounds produced by the Apple Watch are covered by the drops of water that remain inside.

How to activate the Water Lock

What we have to do to activate the water lock is simply access the watch settings or perform a physical activity related to water. In this sense the steps are simple and now we are going to see the manual activation process:

  • Press the Water Lock button that is available in the shortcuts of the watch. To do this, we slide from the bottom up and click on the automatic lock icon that appears in the form of a drop.
  • Then we will see this symbol in the upper part of the clock face and we will not be able to interact with the screen

The water lock will also automatically activate when starting a physical activity in the water, such as swimming or surfing, among other activities.

How to deactivate the Water Lock and expel the water

Once the activation is finished we simply have to turn the Digital Crown (digital crown) until Unlocked appears on the display. You can turn the Digital Crown in any direction, don’t worry about it. Now you will hear a series of sounds that what they do is remove the traces of water from the speaker along with a gentle vibration. When they stop listening, you can use the screen as usual.

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