Logan Paul finally gives a good idea that you want to imitate (with Game Boy)

Logan Paul, the influencer with more than 6 million followers on Twitter, has shared a very curious project on his blue bird account. geek. Is about a table made of Game Boys Color which, the truth, looks pretty good. We tell you what it consists of and even how to do it if you are a handyman (and you can use a handful of Game boys of this type). Let’s take a look.

For those of you who don’t know, Logan Paul is a influencer (which is the same as saying nothing) that he got millions of followers on YouTube during his beginnings and, among his feats, he has these Big hits:

  • I know recorded in the call Suicide forest Japanese, taking truly hurtful images of a victim and creating a huge controversy.
  • He fought in “boxing” shows, proving he can’t even touch Mayweather. In fact, couldn’t even beat the youtuber British KSIBut, for whatever reason, in Logan’s mind he still sees himself as a great fighter.
  • Has created, of course, a cryptocurrency that he himself has recognized was not serious, but it does not matter, also getting into the NFT’s topic and investing an obscene amount in them (more than 2 and a half million dollars, if you’re curious).

However, this time he has not done any of that and, to each his own, has shared on Twitter a project that he first showed on TikTok. And it is quite good, because it is a table made with transparent epoxy resin, a good handful of Game Boys Color and some skill.

We explain how to do it in case you want to imitate it. Regarding the table, not the rest, please.

How to make Logan Paul’s Game Boys Color tabletop project

The truth is that, in general, the process is simple and can be clearly seen in the video that Paul himself shared on Twitter.

In case you are not sure. Once you get the mold for the table, it consists of using a first layer of transparent epoxy resin as a base, which you pour over said mold, allowing the layer to harden.

Then you place the Game Boys Color In the order you want (after having also dipped them in resin), forming a color scheme that suits you and, finally, you put another layer of resin on top of them, up to the edge of the mold.

Once that is done, the resin is heated to harden and the table is framed.

The procedure is simple, but clear, requires tools, protection and, above all, get a good handful of Game Boys Color. The bigger the table, the more devices you will need.

Currently on eBay you can get these second-hand appliances for between 60 and 90 euros each. The luck is that, since you don’t need them to work (and if they do, they will stop working as soon as you mummify them in resin like the mosquito that one in Jurassic Park), you can get devices that are for scrapping and make the table cheaper.

In fact, if you’ve been following the Logan Paul thread, you can take the table to another level with a changing color light play, that gives atmosphere and makes the table something spectacular.

The truth is that, as a project, it is not bad for a geek And indeed, it is quite stylish.

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