Logan Paul gets ripped off 3 million euros with fake Pokémon cards

Logan Paul posted on January 13 a video finally revealing the content of his batch of Pokémon cards bought last December for the modest sum of 3 million euros. As many suspicions announced, these are indeed fake cards. Three hours after its publication, the video has already accumulated 620,000 views.

Credit: Logan Paul

“I lost $ 3.5 million buying fake Pokémon cards”, finally announces quite detached Logan Paul, in the title of his new YouTube video. It was in December that the videographer spent this sum to buy a whole batch of Pokémon cards, which he was the precursor of their new popularity. Therefore, many specialized media have reservations about the famous lot. For many, it is simplya scam.

But the Youtuber does not react. It must be said that the end of the year was busy for the latter, especially because of his video where we see him embedding 15 GameBoy Color which gave nausea to all retro gaming enthusiasts. It is only on January 13 that the videographer unveils his unboxing video and, at the same time, its (very) bad surprise.

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Logan Paul loses 3 million euros buying fake Pokémon cards

For several months, the counterfeiting of Pokémon cards has taken a growing place on the black market. At the end of November, the Chinese police thus got their hands on a cargo of 7.6 tonnes which should have landed in Europe. A nice catch, but of course not enough to stop the circulation of these false cards. What’s more, Logan Paul’s con artist didn’t even bother to fill all the boxes. On the other hand, some contained GI JOE cards.

“We all got screwed”, commented on one of the men responsible for validating the authenticity of the cards last December. This is not the first time that Logan Paul has spent a fortune on Pokémon cards, but his mishap reveals the risk of paying millions for a product without seeing the color first. The video is doing well. After only 3 hours, 620,000 people had already watched it.

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