Logan Paul spends $ 3.5 million on (fake?) Pokémon cards

Videographer Logan Paul strikes again. He spends millions of dollars on Pokémon cards, many of which are likely fake.

In recent months, the fashion for Pokémon cards has come back to smack us in the face, which has led to a significant shortage, but also the use and resale of fake cards, while the latter are seeing their price increase tenfold. Recently, videographer Logan Paul posted a video on Twitter, and this time it’s not to alienate the gaming community. On the contrary, they probably wouldn’t have liked more to see him spend his money so unnecessarily.

Indeed, on December 20, he informed his community that he had bought a very special box, containing 11 boxes of the first edition of the Pokémon card game. A rare and precious artefact… if it is authentic. After spending $ 3.5 million to afford it, Logan Paul is arguably hoping the cards are actually first editions, although many fans believe otherwise.

A little research wouldn’t hurt

Indeed, it all begins when another videographer, Rattle Pokémon, decides to dig a little deeper into the matter, with the help of PokéBeach. They both then go back to the seller’s announcement, who seems to have had no experience with a sale like this before, and has no user ratings, among other suspicious things. While it was going to sell for the first time, for the simple sum of 70,000 dollars, the sale was canceled for some mysterious reason.

After that, the box passed from hand to hand, first for an unknown sum, then for $ 2.7 million, when the collector who owned it decides to sell it to Logan Paul for $ 3.5 million. Only here, the questionable reputation of the seller is not enough for them to say that the cards are probably fake. To do this, you also have to take a look at the cardboard box.

This one is, according to the videographers, riddled with flaws that should not have been present or which seem quite simply suspicious. In addition, the company BBCE, which took care of the verification of the authenticity of the cards, would have practically no experience in this specific field, would therefore not have been able to correctly authenticate the cardboard, and no ‘would not even have filmed the process. Strange for an item that sells for several million dollars.

This is why this January 5, in view of the rumors circulating and accusations from the fans, Logan Paul decided to speak with the company BBCE and to have his purchase authenticated once again. In the meantime, and in order not to repeat the same mistakes, we advise you to consult our guide to the reflexes to adopt when buying used cards.

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