Logitech and double-click problems in their mice, what happens to them?

Although on the one hand it is possible to come to think and say that with certain companies we pay an “extra” or higher price for the brand, the reality is that in PC today everything is adjusted to the penny, thought and well thought out. What we are trying to say is that price is a good indicator, as a general rule, of quality, but in certain cases … There are errors. The problem is when the error is already widespread, where then everything gets complicated.

Logitech has been facing a high rate of RMA for its problems in mice

If you buy a mouse and after a few months of intensive use you begin to have the so-called double-click effect … It is that something really does not work well. This effect is almost well described by its nickname, since the mouse and its clicks begin to double click for each click.

That is, you click, the mouse registers two clicks instead of one. As simple as it is problematic, since of all the current Logitech gaming models it is really difficult not to find in any forum or website where users do not report errors, really complicated. Why does this happen and not in the rest of the brands?

It’s not that it doesn’t happen in the rest, it’s that it happens too often in Logitech mice. No brand gets away, but the bug and error / time rate is much higher at this company, so its users are really upset.

What is Logitech doing wrong with the double click?


They are a bunch of things as a general rule that Logitech is dealing with this problem. Normally it is the mouse itself that fails, but there are a number of cases that make us think that there is something else on certain computers. The errors could come from different fronts and perhaps be combined with each other:

  • Hardware problem in the mouse.
  • Configuration of the same in the software or Windows.
  • Static charge problems between the board and the mouse.
  • Spring from loose clicks.
  • A problem driver or software version.

The most common is the first, since an RMA and a new mouse have fixed everything, so it really is the most serious. First of all and from here we enter into speculation, since Logitech has not responded in a concrete way to this problem, but everything seems to rotate in the switches and secondly in its springs. And is that most are OMRON D2FC-F-7N, that is, they are good switches in general, low-end yes, but with 10 million clicks.

This should be enough for the vast majority of users, but today and after the take-off of gaming, it is not. Most Logitech mice and especially low-end mice end up failing due to this, along with the aforementioned problem of the PCB and the electromagnetic isolation in certain models, as well as the weakening of the OMRON, is causing multiple criticisms of the brand.

Worst? That in most of your mice the switches soldiers are coming, so although they are easy to remove and change, that voids the warranty if the mouse fails at another point. The user is forced to process an RMA knowing that in a period of time similar to that of the double-click mouse, he will have the same problem if he uses it the same way, or it will take longer to reproduce the fault if he plays less. In any case, the controversy is served and the problem is not solved, since the brand is not including switches with more durability nor is there a change in the design of the switches. pushbuttons / springs (depends on the model) or on the PCBs.

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