Logitech does it again with its new wireless gaming headphones

When we talk about wireless headphones designed for gaming, weight and autonomy are two of the most important factors since, in essence, users will intend to use them for long periods of time; For this reason, too heavy headphones would end up causing fatigue in the head and ears, while if their battery does not measure up, they would certainly not be suitable to be considered “gaming”. But before advancing events, we are going to see what these new Logitech G435 offer according to the manufacturer.

The technical characteristics of the Logitech G435

Logitech G435

Logitech G435 Lightspeed
Guy Closed circumaural
Connectivity Lightspeed
Battery 18 hours
Maximum distance 10 meters
Frequency response 20Hz – 20 KHz
Sensitivity 83.1 dB SPL / mW
Impedance 45k Ohms @ 1 kHz
Driver size 40 mm
Microphone Dual 100 Hz – 8 KHz
Noise Cancellation No
software Does not need
PVP 79.99 euros

Weighing just 165 grams, these headphones automatically become the wireless devices designed for gaming the most. light from the extensive catalog of the brand; In addition, Logitech ensures that these G435s have been designed to provide maximum comfort to accommodate the maximum number of users possible. In this way, they have earmuffs of cloth breathable on a layer of padded foam, while its headband is manually adaptable to fit all head sizes (Logitech says they have been designed for small to medium head sizes, all said). They also have an optional volume limiter to take care of our hearing health.

The Logitech G435 combine wireless technology 2.4 GHz LIGHTSPEED patented by the brand with Bluetooth, which gives us a wide freedom of movement with a range of 10 meters, but also a large number of connection possibilities since this makes them compatible not only with PCs and consoles (they mention PlayStation not Xbox though), but also with smartphones and essentially any audio source that supports Bluetooth.

Apart from this, these headphones incorporate 40mm speakers made with neodymium magnets that guarantee rich and deep sounds, with remarkable bass. In addition, and although they are integrated into the ear muffs, the G435 have a dual mic With beamforming that eliminates the need to integrate a cumbersome wand, yet they are optimized for high-quality voice communication.

Of course, among the characteristics of this product they do not indicate that it has active or passive noise cancellation, so this could become a disadvantage given that being microphones integrated in the headphones themselves and not in a rod they cannot be unidirectional, so they will tend to capture all the sounds of the environment in which they are being used. This is something to keep in mind if you intend to use the headphones in noisy environments, since ambient noise could sneak into your communications.

ogitech G435 black

It should also be noted that these headphones provide an operating autonomy of up to 18 hours, which is not bad at all, and they include a charging cable with a USB-C connector for greater convenience when connecting them (they also include a USB-A adapter to maximize compatibility). They include power, volume and mute buttons on one of the ear muffs, and in this case they lack RGB lighting as this would drain the battery more quickly. Finally, we must emphasize that they incorporate small details such as braille indicators on the left and right of the headphones so that blind people can immediately know in which position to put the headphones.

The Logitech G435 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming headsets are now available in three color combinations (Black and Neon Yellow, Blue and Raspberry, and White and Lilac) at a retail price of 79.99 euros in the manufacturer’s online store, although it is true that we will soon see them at lower prices in the usual online stores in the country.

A headset with sustainability as a flag

Logitech-G435 blue

Today, sustainability is a word that is on everyone’s lips, and especially of manufacturers who are beginning to adopt a great commitment to our planet in an attempt to ensure that the manufacture of their products does not harm the environment, or Unless you do the bare minimum. Logitech is no exception and in fact their commitment is serious and firm, or so they have published in a report that contains all the information on materials, production and sustainability of their products during the past year.

According to Logitech, the G435s are the most sustainable headphones they have made to date; have obtained the CarbonNeutral certification, which means they have funded high-quality certified carbon offsets with the goal of reducing the carbon footprint in product manufacturing to zero. For this reason, the plastic parts of these headphones contain a minimum of 22% recycled materials, and the cardboard packaging comes from FSCTM certified forests.

“Most users, and especially the youngest, are very concerned about the planet and the effects of climate change, but also about the price, functionality and characteristics of the products” .- began by saying Ujesh Desai, CEO of Logitech G, – “We designed the G435 with the goal of building our lightest, most affordable and sustainable gaming headsets to meet the needs of these users, all without compromising on style, versatility, and advanced features such as dual beam mic and cross-platform compatibility ”.

For these reasons, according to Logitech, by choosing these headphones you will be doing your bit to help support responsible consumption of forests around the world, at the same time that you will be helping to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet thanks to the use of recycled plastics.

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