Logitech G303 Shroud Edition, simplicity and efficiency for gaming

Renewing its original mouse from 2015, Logitech G, the tech giant’s gaming sub-brand, today announced the arrival of aA special new version of your Logitech G303 mouse in association with one of the world’s most popular game streamers and former professional Counter Strike gamer, Michael «Shroud» Grzesiek, with a peripheral redesigned by the player to meet their exact specifications and performance demands.

Self-proclaimed as “the wireless demon”, Shroud has focused on the pursuit of the greatest precision, prioritizing the mouse sensations to his style of play for shooters. Thus, the new Logitech G303 is presented under some improvements and updates in shape and format, we repositioned its side buttons, changing the location of the switches and adjusting the weight distribution.

In this way, the mouse is left with a light weight of 75 grams, with a reduction of 35% mainly achieved thanks to its thin but robust cover and its special ergonomic format. Two factors that will allow us to move more freely in both high and low sensitivities, aiming faster.

Inside, the mouse has, of course, the most up-to-date sensor of the brand, the 25K Hero, with a sensitivity of up to 25,000 DPI via software, and one of the lowest minimum settings on the market, of just 100 CPI. A more than notable improvement over the original sensor, which was limited to a range from 200 to 12,000 DPI.

And it is that this reissue of the Logitech G303, is presented under Lightspeed connectivity technology, which offers ultra-low latency wireless connectivity via its 2.4GHz wireless dongle, without sacrificing power. Something that has allowed the company to offer significantly increased autonomy, reaching 145 hours of battery life for each load.

Currently we can already find this special edition mouse through the official website of the brand, at a price of $ 129.99 (approximately 115 euros) and the already confirmed imminent availability for our country.

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