Logitech G413 SE, a mechanical keyboard of reduced size and price

Expanding its range of gaming peripherals, the company’s gaming section presents us today the new Logitech G413 SE, a mechanical keyboard with tactile switches that focuses on durability and performance, with two models that vary between the full keyboard and a TKL or Tenkeyless format, offering in both cases quite an affordable price.

And it seems that the “surname” SE has begun to acquire this implication of reduced price between different devices and brands, with the clearest example of the iPhone SE, but gradually spreading within the technology market. However, while it’s obviously not a top-of-the-line device, this doesn’t mean that the keyboard lacks in quality, in fact even presenting a small advantage over the original Logitech G413.

The Logitech G413 SE comes equipped with a PBT keycaps (from polybutylene terephthalate), generally considered more durable than ABS plastic which is used on the base keyboard. The black caps definitely go well with the brushed black finish of the aluminum-magnesium alloy top and give the mechanical keyboard a more toned-down classic look.

Thus, the rest of the aesthetics of the keyboard stands out mainly for its simplicity, with a metallic finish that highlights the body of the keys themselves, and a general layout that would easily make us confuse it with a non-gaming-oriented keyboard. In fact, among the small cuts stands out the fact that the backlighting of the keys has been limited exclusively to a white LED light, completely eliminating the much-loved RGB.

Beyond this, the rest of the keyboard functions remain quite similar to those of the original model, highlighting the presence of anti-ghosting and 6-key rollover technologies along with a USB-A wired connectivity.

Currently we can already find the Logitech G413 SE available in its two full keyboard variants and TKL through the brand’s official website, with prices that will from $69.99 for the compact model, up to $79.99.

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