Logitech G635 gaming headset with a 46% discount!

Having a good keyboard and a good gaming mouse is very important, but it is also important to have a good headset. Today we bring you an irresistible offer with high quality and performance gaming headphones. The Logitech G635 They are characterized by offering 7.1 surround sound, offering extremely comfortable ear cushions and RGB lighting. In addition, now we can find them with a 46% discount.

One of the most important brands in the peripheral segment is Logitech. The company has extensive experience in the peripheral market for office automation, the average user and for video game fans. The G365 headphones are highly valued by gaming lovers.

Logitech G635, a high-quality gaming headset

We start with the important thing, the speakers integrated in these gaming headphones. These stand out for being 50mm and having neodymium magnets. They offer us great sound quality, with good depth and detail, as well as minimizing distortion.

Count these headphones with surround technology DTS Headphone:X 2.0. This technology allows to reproduce sounds with more detail, which can be very important in game. It allows us to listen to our rivals approaching, allowing us to know their position instantly. Knowing from what point our rivals are approaching makes the difference.

These speakers have a response frequency between 20 Hz and 20 kHz with an impedance of 39 ohms. They also offer a sensitivity of 93 dB

It has a 6mm cardioid microphone with noise cancellation. This means that the sound it collects is only that of our voice, filtering out any existing ambient noise. This allows us a clear and precise voice communication with our colleagues. Something interesting about the microphone is that if we turn it up, it is muted. When the microphone is muted, it is visually indicated by a red indicator.

Some gaming helmets to play non-stop

These Logitech LG935 headphones have dimensions of 188x195x87 mm and a weight of 344 grams. It has a 2.8 meter cable with a USB 2.0 port for PC. A 1.5 meter adapter cable is offered that ends in a 3.5mm jack connector that makes it ideal for consoles and smartphones.

How could it be otherwise, these headphones have the RGB LIGHTSYNC technology. This means that the RGB lighting is customizable through the G HUB software. It stands out that it can be synchronized with the rest of Logitech peripherals. This allows all our devices to work with the same lighting combination.

Integrate this programmable key headset into the headset itself, to add quick access features. It has a wheel that allows us to raise and lower the volume according to the moment.

From our point of view, right now it is difficult to find such a high quality gaming headset for this price. The reduction of almost 50% compared to its original price is highly striking. Without a doubt, you will not regret getting these excellent gaming headphones.

POSITIVEDTS Headphone:X 2.0 Surround Audio NEGATIVEThey do not have active noise cancellation
POSITIVEThey are quite comfortable NEGATIVE
POSITIVERGB lighting can be synchronized with other brand peripherals NEGATIVE
POSITIVEThey are compatible with console and smartphone NEGATIVE
POSITIVEProgrammable buttons on the headset itself NEGATIVE

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