Logitech introduces Zone Vibe headsets and Brio 500 webcams

The firm Logitech has expanded its catalog of headphones and webcams with the Zone Vive and the Brio 500 series, designed specifically for optimally meet the needs of hybrid workersa group that due to the COVID-19 pandemic has acquired a major role in the world of work.

According to a recent study more than 89% of people who work from home they face unflattering camera angles, poor lighting conditions, and field-of-view limitations when using a laptop’s built-in webcam. Sound quality is another major issue, especially when using a laptop’s built-in speakers.

Logitech has answered these problems with the Brio 500 Series webcams and Zone Vibe Series headsets, they address the challenges users face when working from home, while modernizing work and play experiences. The company has also confirmed that both series of products make it easy for IT managers the task of equipping remote and hybrid teams in their organizations in an environmentally sustainable way.

The Brio 500 webcams offer a business-grade sound and video quality, they have the “Show” mode, which makes it easy to show objects on the desktop, it has an innovative mounting system and a sensor that makes it easy to tilt the camera to change the focus. We don’t have details on their maximum resolution, but we do know that they will have RightSight technology, which automatically frames the user, and RightLight 4, which corrects problems caused by poor lighting. They will be available before the end of this month with a price of 139 euros.

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For its part, Logitech’s Zone Vibe headphones offer completely wireless operation, have very careful ergonomics, an elegant and discreet design, are very light and use viscoelastic foam as padding material. It is compatible with Logi Tune and Logitech Sync, and will be priced at €119 in its version 100 and €139 in its version 125.

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