Logitech keyboard for non-stop gaming at a great discount

This Logitech keyboard is characterized by making use of Tactile-type GL mechanical switches. Not only that, this keyboard is tenkeyless, which indicates that it lacks the number keyboard that is located on the far right. In addition, this keyboard is wireless, to keep the table as clean as possible.

Logitech G915 LIGTHSPEED TKL Wireless Gaming Keyboard

These days, gaming keyboards can make a world of difference when it comes to gameplay. They can be key when it comes to making a move that ensures us a loss or guarantees victory in the game. This Logitech keyboard is designed precisely so that we do not lose camber in the game and we can win it.

This keyboard is characterized by making use of low profile mechanical switches developed by Logitech itself. We are talking about the tactile GL, which are designed to offer a pleasant touch with each press.

Each switch features independent RGB lighting with the LIGHTSYNC technology, that allows synchronizing the keyboard with any content. In addition, we can customize the lighting to our liking thanks to the Logitech G HUB software.

To reduce the amount of cables that we have on the desk, this keyboard is a wireless type. makes use of the LIGHTSPEED technology that allows the transfer of information at high speed, with a response of less than 1 ms. It is even a higher transfer speed than many wired keyboards.

Note that this keyboard has a battery with more than 40 hours of autonomy with just one charge. It has a low battery indicator on the keyboard itself that activates when it reaches 15% and the Logitech G HUB software also warns of low battery. The battery, by the way, is fully charged in just three hours.

It has a compact TKL design, in order to take up little space and be more easily transportable, if necessary. There are many who prefer to have a more compact keyboard, especially those who have a relatively small desktop. It may be the case that they hit the keyboard if it is very long and that is why they prefer these keyboards.

High quality finish to offer great resistance

This keyboard has a high-quality, heavy-duty construction. It has a construction based on aeronautical grade aluminum alloy that gives it robustness and also a very attractive design.

This Logitech keyboard has fast access multimedia keys to move songs forward or backward, as well as pause and play. It also has a mute button and a rotary bar that allows you to raise and lower the volume. In addition, it has keys to adjust the brightness, switch between Bluetooth connection and LIGHTSPEED, as well as enter game mode.

We are talking about a wireless keyboard that lacks a numeric keypad, but is very complete. We see that it is designed by and for gaming, with a compact profile and with the switches protruding from the chassis to facilitate cleaning. A highly recommended keyboard that will delight video game lovers.

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