Loki becomes the first MCU series on Disney + to receive a sequel

A season 2 of Loki has been announced by Marvel Studios and Disney +. This is the MCU’s first on the SVOD service to be sure it has a sequel.

Loki’s adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will not end with the airing of the sixth and final episode of season one. For those who have followed the end credits carefully, the information could not be missed: there will indeed be a season two of Loki on Disney +, the entertainment giant’s subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platform.

It appears that Loki is the MCU’s first TV series in the Disney era to be sure to return in a new season. Regarding WandaVision, actress Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda Maximoff / The Scarlet Witch, said in June that no sequel was on the program. As for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, nothing seems decided for the moment on the side of Marvel Studios and Disney.

Loki “president” in episode 5. // Source: Disney Plus

It is true that other TV series spanning multiple seasons have been produced as part of the MCU. This is the case of Daredevil (three seasons), Jessica jones (three), Luke cage (two) and Iron fist (of them). But all of these productions come from the days when they were uploaded to Netflix, when Disney was not yet launched in streaming.

A series apart in the MCU

All these programs were stopped with the arrival of Disney + and the transfer of TV rights to its SVOD platform. New licenses were then announced, with in particular WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki, which have all been aired. Several other projects are coming, with What if, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, She-hulk, Moon knight, Iron heart, Armor wars and Secret Invasion.

Interestingly, of the three MCU series airing on Disney +, the two that aren’t renewed as it stands are the ones that will see their plot unfold into a feature film. Indeed, WandaVision among other things, prepares the ground for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, while Falcon and the Winter Soldier give marbles for one Captain america 4.

Loki is arguably the series that is the most detached from the MCU among the three, since its plot takes place in a particular space-time frame. In fact, it is undoubtedly much easier to be able to announce a new season now: the story is less constrained by the framework of the MCU, unlike the other two series, whose future depends above all on what is planned in the cinema .

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