Loki: here is the trailer for the second part of the season

Marvel Studios has released the mid-season trailer for the series Loki, currently in programming on the streaming platform. In addition to the summary of the first three episodes, the video shows a quick overview of what awaits us in the next episodes.

Despite the escape from Lamentis 1 has not been successful and the planet is getting closer and closer to its end, it seems that the protagonists will find a way to save themselves.

Big sneak peeks in Loki’s mid-season trailer

Loki was among the first projects to go into development at the Disney streaming service and one of the series that launched Phase 4 of the MCU. The show is another big hit for the Marvel Studios and is getting a great response from the public, with the possibility of making the series one of the most watched in Disney Plus.

Although the TVA and the Time Keepers are still shrouded in mystery, the theories linked to Loki is Sylvie certainly not lacking and they become more and more precise with each new episode.

Tomorrow there will be the halfway point and with the arrival of the fourth episode we will be able to understand what will happen to Loki is Sylvie, momentarily stuck on the planet in destruction Lamentis 1.

Thanks to the new video released by Disney we can breathe a sigh of relief, to see that the two protagonists will be saved from the annihilation of the planet where they are even if, in some moment, they will be captured by the TVA.

Three episodes at the end of the season is a lot, as are the things that can happen to Loki, Sylvie is Mobius. Already in the episode arriving tomorrow on Disney Plus we will find out how the two variants will manage to escape from Lamentis, whether through the theory that it is all an illusion created by Loki to discover Sylvie’s intentions or whether the TVA will intervene, knowing that Sylvie is used to hiding in the apocalypses.

The countdown has started and we can prepare to find out what will happen in the second part of the season of Loki.


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