Loki: Kate Herron explains why the Rocket cameo was canceled

The series Loki, in a first season full of surprises, easter eggs and funny scenes, also had many cuts in the making, including the short cameo of Rocket Racoon inside the TVA.

The Marvel Studios special was there to illustrate them Assembled, released after the season finale and showing the backstory of the Marvel series.

There was also to be a variation of Rocket Racoon in Loki

One of the most successful series of Marvel Studios continues to be talked about even after its conclusion. And it’s hard to think otherwise when the season finale was able to launch the whole future of the MCU.

But beyond that, the show continues to be among the most talked about for the countless series of easter eggs and cameos present in the various episodes.

Thanks to the special Assembled dedicated to the series, it was also discovered that some initial ideas were then cut in the implementation phase, such as the presence of many people in line at the TVA headquarters when Loki arrives in the agency. Among these there had to be Rocket Racoon or, as the director explained Kate Herron to CB, “some funny characters from feature films“.

In that scene, it didn’t have to be Rocket. Let’s say that the illustrators have included it as a reference, to make people understand the intentions and the type of scene. Then it is the studio that decides whether to keep it or not. And the reason we haven’t seen it in the series is related to COVID.

Originally the scene where Loki is standing in line as soon as he arrives at TVA was supposed to be full of characters. We still didn’t know who those characters would be but it was fun to imagine them as references to movies or comics. The problem was that when we were about to start shooting the COVID arrived and then, months later, we started again the situation did not allow us to realize that scene where people were so close.

So the production decided to make it more fun by leaving the queue empty but having Loki take the ticket, without which he would be canceled from the Holy Timeline. Despite everything, it was a good choice, even if in a small part imposed by the situation.

Of course, even the scene with all the characters in a row would not have been bad, especially imagining the possibility of seeing interact for the first time. Loki with Rocket Racoon. It was going to be something truly epic and downright fun.

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