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Traditional television is reaching a point where it is practically forcing many users to use it solely as a source of information to be informed of the most relevant news today, although sometimes that doesn’t even happen. The eternal interruptions When it comes to watching a movie or series, not counting the advertising shoehorned into some programs has caused many users to choose to stop consuming traditional television.

The easiest solution to opt for one or more streaming video platforms, be it Netflix, HBO, Disney+ or any other, as long as we are willing to pay a subscription every month. Fortunately, it is not the only way to access all types of content over the Internet, since we can access other types of platforms, where we will also find advertisements, although to a much lesser extent than traditional DTT.

Free series and movies

One of the best alternatives available to traditional DTT is found on the Pluto TV platform, a platform that makes available to us more than 100 channels, channels that we can access completely free of charge and for which it is not necessary to register, so they are all advantages. It is a platform of the giant of the film industry Paramount Pictures, a platform that only maintains showing ads. These interruptions to show the ads only last a couple of minutes in most cases, so we are not going to find ourselves with the same problem as traditional television.

Rakuten TV is another interesting platform where we can access a large number of series and movies completely free of charge and without the need to register. But, in addition, it also offers us the possibility of seeing the latest movie releases, once they have finished their tour of the cinemas. All the content is distributed in different categories, so it is very easy to find the type of content that we like the most.

Documentaries of all kinds

In addition to the different documentary channels that we have at our disposal on Pluto TV, if we want to access a greater number of options, we have at our disposal the free Documentary Plus platform, a platform where, like this one, No registration required. All content is available in English, although a large number include Spanish subtitles. Another interesting option to visit the BBC’s YouTube documentary channel in Spanish, where we will find documentaries on all kinds of current affairs.

Channels from other countries

Without having to resort to IPTV lists, if we want to access other Spanish-speaking channels or in other languages, the ideal platform to access without depending on applications or lists in m3u format is Photocall, from where we can access all the broadcast channels open in practically any country in the world and where most of the Latin American channels are located.

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