Look: Chrome will be smarter, download this game for free, and decorate Windows

Hence precisely that on many occasions we offer commented on the need or almost obligatory nature of having some type of antivirus installed. These solutions are responsible for protecting everything that we have stored on the computer against potential attacks. The truth is that working with a PC connected to the internet without protection some right now is more than dangerous.

Google Chrome gets smarter thanks to this feature

Now we are going to focus on the most used web browser in the world owned by the search giant. And it is that soon it will have a function that will show us suggestions of files of Drive when opening a new tab. The firm not only looks for the aesthetic aspect of its project, such as the upcoming arrival of rounded corners. It also works a lot on functionality.

Mainly due to the widespread use of this browser, it does not stop receiving new functions through the updates. We tell you this because its top managers have revealed that the program will shortly begin to show Drive files. This is something that will take place when opening a new tab Instead of displaying files based on their age, we’ll see content based on smart suggestions. This will save us time and effort when finding those records that we really need.

In addition, we will have the possibility of directly accessing those files that the browser will propose to us. So these smart Google Drive tips on Chrome they will begin to unfold in a few days.

Three amazing wallpapers for fall

Little by little we are leaving the summer behind to move into the autumn, something that is evident in the descents of temperature that a good part of our country is suffering. Depending on the time of year in which we are, millions of users prefer to decorate their desks with Windows based on that time of year.

It is for all this reason that below we are going to show you some amazing wallpapers related to autumn. In fact, it could be said that for many it is the most beautiful and pleasant time of year.

In the event that you like abstract art and want to decorate your computer desk with a totally autumnal background, but at the same time original, take a look at this sample.

abstract autumn

On the contrary, if your thing is more the spectacular landscapes of a lifetime but that are somewhat impressive, do not forget to try the wallpaper that we offer you below

trees background

Needless to say, if there are two elements that clearly represent what autumn is, those are the rain and the autumn leaves. Therefore, if you are looking for a wallpaper For your representative Windows for this time of year, see this example.

rain leaves

Download this free game now and don’t miss the chance

In the event that you already have an account in the Epic Games store, for only a few minutes you have the possibility of download this game totally free for your PC. If not, you only have to open a new one through your email account. Then you can access this and other free titles that the store periodically gives away.

Specifically this week we can get hold of the game called Europa Universalis IV.

Europa Universalis IV

Next week you will be able to build your own computer with the game that give away the Epic Store for equally free.

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