Look: Do you remember Windows Phone ?, free horror games for Halloween and more

When we talk about computers and specifically operating systems, Microsoft has been number one in the ranking with Windows for decades. This led to trying to achieve the same objective in the increasingly growing mobile telephony, with the appearance of Windows Phone eleven years ago. Although it did not obtain the success that the company had expected, many users do have good memories of their experience with this operating system.

And, despite the good attempt made by Microsoft, the truth is that Windows Phone barely had a gap in market share, always being far from the incidence of Android and behind Apple with iOS.

Windows Phone launch anniversary

Microsoft has always been focused on its operating system for computers, making Windows the most used worldwide. However, he also had his little adventure within mobile telephony, with the presentation on this day as today, a October 21, 2010, eleven years ago of its mobile operating system called Windows Phone. This took place during the celebration of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Although its presence in the world of mobile telephony did not achieve the success expected by Microsoft, there were a good number of users who consider it as a system ahead of its time. Despite this, the failure was considerable, so Microsoft decided to end its support just 4 years later, in 2014. Who knows if Redmond will have his return in mind.

Learn computer science in a practical way

Hello World is the free digital computer magazine for teachers created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. This organization collaborates with rigorous and original research around computer education and learning for young people. Now the first special edition of this magazine entitled «The great book of informatics pedagogy», focused on practical approaches to teaching computer science in classrooms.

The great book of informatics pedagogy

It is structured around twelve pedagogical principles that are based on related research in different ways in which the teaching and learning of computer science can be approached in educational centers. Its main objective is to be an ideal complement for teachers so that they can bring the approaches taken to teaching. We can download it for free from their website.

Free game thinking about Halloween

Like every Thursday, Epic gives away a new game to its users. This time we can download “Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition” which is already available for free. On this occasion they wanted to take advantage of a date so close to Halloween, to set us up as the occasion deserves. In this way we can obtain the new and improved version of this first person horror adventure, where we will play a two-year-old boy who is trapped in a strange nightmare in which he must look for his mother.

Among the Sleep Enhanced Edition

If we want to have a good time of terror with this adventure, it will only be necessary to have a registered account in the Epic Game store. In this way we can add it to our library and play it at no cost. So we can go setting ourselves in the face of the arrival of the great night of Halloween. Remember that you have until October 28 to download it.

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