Look no further, here is the keyboard you are looking for for just 50 Euros


Good pretty and cheap. This is how we can define the first of the keyboards that we have selected for you. It is not the best keyboard in the world, but for the price we will not find anything better. This marsgaming keyboard It is characterized by being full format and have wrist restssomething that is not usual and should be.

What we like the most is the ergonomics that this keyboard offers us, which is not common. You may find it absurd, but the wrist rest should be normal on any keyboard and it is not. One of the long-term problems of typing on the keyboard, precisely, is in the wrists, which can cause pain in the finger joints and problems in the carpal tunnel. Something that can be greatly mitigated with this rather simple element.

It has 13 RGB lighting modes that can be adjusted quickly from the same keyboard. It makes use of the h-mech technology, which gives us the feeling of using mechanical switches when it is not. This keyboard uses membrane switchesbut through this solution we have a touch similar to the mechanical keyboard.

Simple and economical solution perfect for casual gamers or those new to video games


It may be that you have little space on your desk or simply want a compact keyboard that does not get in the way. Be that as it may, this 60% format keyboard is a good option and one that you will surely love. We are talking about a mechanical keyboard with blue switches and whose cable can be removed. This K620 MINI keyboard costs 23.38 euroswhich represents a saving of 48%.

One thing that stands out to us about this product is that the brand name does not appear anywhere. The name is that of the product, nothing more, something curious. We must highlight from this keyboard type 60%in which the layout is englishis not in Spanish, something that we must take into account.


It has RGB lighting that can be easily adjusted from the keyboard itself. It has a setting of key color combined in black and white, which gives it a very interesting look. makes use of blue mechanical switchesof which we cannot say much more, unfortunately.

Well, it’s a cheap solution that can give good results, but we can’t say much more about it, really.

Razer Cynosa V2

You may be looking for something of quality and from a widely recognized brand. Within this area we have found this great Razer keyboard at a brutal discount. This keyboard is characterized by having low profile keys, RGB lighting and multimedia keys easy access. A great solution for those who want a very good keyboard but on a tight budget.

It has different interesting aspects, the first being that the keys are low profile, reducing the height of the keyboard. In addition, each of the keys has RGB lighting and have integration with Chroma effects for games like Fortnite Overwatch and other games. Also note that each key is customizable through profiles, macros and individual assignments. Through Razer Synapse 3 we will be able to adjust this sensational keyboard in detail.

It includes typical multimedia keys to mute the audio, playback keys and volume control. A keyboard that has been designed and manufactured to be used for many hours.

Razer Cynosa V2

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