Look: the system that has grown the most in 2021, Linux is TOP to play and more

For many, the most important software sector, or at least the one that most affects the majority, is the one that refers to operating systems. There are some more widespread than others both on desktops and mobile devices.

If we focus on the first of the types of equipment, there is never a doubt that this is a market that is led by Microsoft’s proposal, Windows. There are several versions of this software that dominate the market for desktop operating systems. In addition, many of them are at the forefront of other proposals such as open source Linux projects. And that the developers of these systems, most of them free, strive to make them accessible to everyone.

Surprisingly, this is the operating system that has grown the most

But if we focus on the desktop operating system, which has grown the most over the last 12 months, possibly many will be surprised. To give you an idea of ​​what we want to tell you here, to say that throughout this last year that is close to its end, the operating system that has grown the most has been Chrome OS. It should be noted that it has had a growth of around 92%, which is supposed to be a not inconsiderable figure.

Chrome OS Enterprise

And it is that the devices known as Chromebooks They are especially suitable for a type of user that is getting closer to the world of technology.

Proton greatly improves game execution on Linux

Continuing with the sector of operating systems that we talked about before, now we are going to enter another of the most powerful alternatives to Windows. Specifically, we refer to the different Linux distributions of which we can draw today. It is possible that one of the weakest points of these proposals with respect to the Microsoft system, is everything that refers to the video game world.

But with everything and with it it seems that this is a trend that is gradually improving over time. Proof of all this is found in Proton, a modified and improved version of the Wine emulator which allows us to run Windows software on Linux. We tell you all this because the latest data has made it clear that 80% of the 100 most popular titles on the platform Steam, they can now be run on Linux thanks to the aforementioned Proton. There is no doubt that this is an important approach to Linux and games and that it will make many users consider migrating to it. open source system.

New and useful Windows 11 copy feature

To finish now we are going to focus on the aforementioned and successful Microsoft system. Specifically, we will talk about a new function that has been integrated into the latest version released a few weeks ago, Windows 11. Over the years we have been able to carry out a multitude of functions related to the copy and paste function here.

Well, now the Redmond have made the determination to add a new related functionality that we can make use of from the contextual menu. This will allow us easily copy disk path link us from the file explorer. It is worth mentioning that we can also make use of this in a faster way through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + C.

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