Look, this shows that NFTs will be much more than drawings and photos

As with the metaverse, virtual currency or Non-Fungible Token known as NFT, has become a common topic in everything related to technology. Both companies and end users are entering into investments related to all this, and not always with success.

We have already told you on some occasions that certain companies related to the world of video games, for example, are betting on these NFT. All this despite the many criticisms received by many of its customers and users. But not only are these companies betting on these tokens, but we also find them related to the world of fashion or food, among others.

At the same time it is interesting to know that these Non Fungible Tokens are spreading among the famous lately. And it is that celebrities from all over the world are trading with this type of digital goods through different objects. At this point and as we have been able to verify, the aforementioned NFTs are generally related to works of art, drawingsPhotos, posters and the like. But at the same time we must bear in mind that its use is not limited to this type of content, as we will see now.

A clear proof of all this can be found in the movement carried out by the American real estate Okada & Company. And it is that it has included its first commercial property as NFT in the popular digital currency market, Open Sea. As you can imagine, this differs a lot from the usual photographic archives related to these goods.

A real building is launched on OpenSea as NFT

It is worth mentioning that this NFT that we are talking about grants the buyer exclusive rights to acquire the building. This includes all of your usage rights and related writing agreements. Due to the nature of real estate sales, this NFT trading does not guarantee full completion of the transaction. Likewise, it does not reflect the transfer of the deeds or the real estate property title.

With everything and with it Okada & Company is selling this property in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York, which is located on the west side of the Manhattan district. It is actually a seven-story commercial and office building very close to Madison Square Park. This NFT will be minted in the ethereum blockchainas pointed out by the real estate agent involved in the transaction.

Furthermore, as is now known, the real estate agency has received several offers by people interested in buying digital goods. With everything and with it at the moment the firm estimates that it is in the initial phases of the sale. In short, although this type of marketing through digital goods such as NFTs is not the most common, it does exist. In addition, we have already spoken to you on some occasion about the upcoming arrival of those known as NFT 2.0.

With all this, what is intended is to facilitate in the future the use of these goods by all types of users and for a multitude of real contents.

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