Looking for a curved monitor? These are for less than 200 euros!

We have on the one hand the curved monitor Millennium MD24PRO-165 which has a 24-inch panel with a refresh rate of 165 Hz. As an alternative we have the curved Newskill monitor Icarus IC27F6-V2P with a 27-inch panel with a refresh rate of 165 Hz. Two very good options for video game fans.

24-inch Millennium MD24PRO-165

This is not a particularly well-known one, apparently being a “white brand” of PcComponentes. In spite of everything, they are quite interesting and good quality. You are not paying for the brand itself and they are usually complete monitors, but without extra elements that normally make the market more expensive.

This Millennium curved monitor is based on a VA-type panel with a 1080p resolution. Have this gaming monitor for a 23.6 inch size with a 165Hz refresh rate. We are talking about excellent features for a monitor intended for video games. Perhaps the type of panel is not the best of those on the market, but of course, we are talking about a fairly cheap monitor.

Regarding the rest of the features, we have a 16:9 format and a viewing angle of 178º. In addition, it offers us a 250cd/m2 brightnessa contrast of 3000:1 and a response time of 1 ms.

monitor Millennium MD24PRO-165

Something that catches our attention is that it lacks support for AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync technologies. It has become common to see these technologies in gaming monitors, but they are not included here. It is possible that later we can activate some option to improve the synchronization.

This monitor has a port HDMI 1.4 and a port Display Port 1.2. It also includes a jack connector to be able to connect headphones and thus not pick up the audio from the PC.

It seems to us a fairly simple monitor with a fairly good quality / price ratio. It has been decided to make a basic curved screen gaming monitor with a highly competitive price.

27-inch Newskill Icarus IC27F6-V2P

For those looking for something more, we have a higher quality and performance solution. The interesting thing about Newskill is that it is a Spanish manufacturer and offers very good quality products. We have a larger monitor with better general characteristics than the previous model.

This Newskill monitor is based on a dashboard VA type and one bend R1500, which is quite important. This monitor has a 27 inch size with a 1080p resolution with a 165Hz refresh rate. In addition, this monitor offers us compatibility with the G-Sync and FreeSync technologiessomething that is always interesting to have the best gaming experience possible.

Newskill Icarus IC27F6-V2P

This monitor also has a maximum value of 300cd/m2 brightness, with a minimum of 250 cd/m2. On the other hand, this monitor offers us a 99% sRGB and 85% NTSC color coverage. If all this seems little to you, it offers us a response time of 1 ms, being very complete in this sense.

It has the Low Blue Light and Flicker Free technologies, to offer the best user experience. Protect our eyesight through these two technologies. Regarding connectivity, it has two HDMI 1.4 and a Display Port 1.2.

This monitor with the great discount it has, becomes a more than interesting option for the most demanding video game fans. It has the latest technologies on the market and, in addition, it is curved.

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