Looking for a real alternative to Audacity? Try Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio, an editor for all types of users

Once we run the application we find an intuitive interface with easy-to-understand controls and completely in Spanish. This is something that will help even the most inexperienced users to experiment with it and discover its features. Starting to use it is quite simple, just drag and drop the source file or access it from the “File” and “Open” tab. It is compatible with numerous formats (FLT, MP3, M4A, 3GP, OGG, MOV, MKV, AVI, VOC, WAV, among others) so it will surely be able to read any file that we have.

add files

Once the file is loaded into the main window, we can get a preview of all its content in the form of a timeline from where you can work with it. In this way we can start applying effects to different fragments of the tracks without having to carry out various operations. It also allows us use two or more audio at once, which will be very useful for combining different fragments with each other. All of them will be located in the menu on the left, “Open files”, which we can hide or show as we are interested.

Apply different effects

In the upper part we find its toolbar organized by tabs, being the section of “Effects” one of the most important within the application. Here they are grouped into relevant categories such as Amplitude, Filter, EQ, Delay, Dynamics Processing, Time and Pitch, Noise Reduction, and Specials. In addition, we will also have the possibility of inserting silences, normalizing or softening the selections that we make.

Oceanaudio effects and filters

Edit the metadata

Clicking on the «i» button (information) we can explore and modify the information of the file metadata that we have open This means that we will be able to edit fields such as the name of the song, the artist, the album, the genre, the year or the illustration. We can also view general details such as the “Signal Property” and the “File Property”. In addition, we can take a look at its statistics where we will find details such as the maximum and minimum value of the sample, maximum, minimum, average and total RMS power, among other values.

Ocenaudio edit metadata

Finished the creation, export it

Once the editing work is finished, we can export the end result to different formats like WAV, CAF, MPEG, MP4, OGG and others. Depending on the chosen format we can configure some values ​​such as quality, bit rate and stereo mode. We can also choose the name of the file and the path where we want it to be saved. To access this section, simply click on the “File” tab and then on “Export”.

Ocenaudio export files

Conclusions: is it recommended?

Ocenaudio is a complete software packed with features that can satisfy most of the needs related to audio to later export the results to numerous compatible formats, so it can be considered a great option to be able to carry out editing tasks without having previous knowledge. This makes it suitable for all types of users. Its simple and well-organized interface, together with the fact that it is translated into Spanish, makes the task even easier.

We will have the possibility of editing several files simultaneously, it has a good selection of effects and compatibility with VST plugins. It is a software that adapts well to all types of users. The most inexperienced will be able to test and discover its most basic functions, while the most advanced will have the ability to exploit its full potential. Of course, if we are looking for a help manual, it lacks this. All its advantages are even more so considering that it is a free application, so we will have no excuse not to be able to try it.

Download Ocenaudio for free

Ocenaudio is an audio editing software free and cross-platform, so it can be used in Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 11. In addition, it is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It also offers support for other computer platforms such as Linux or macOS, making it fully cross-platform. We can download it by clicking on this link to its official website. It has both an installable version and a portable version, so we can run it directly from an external storage device such as a pen drive, hard drive or memory card without making any changes to the system registry. Its latest version currently available is 3.11.2 and the executable file has a weight of 35.4 MB.

Other alternatives to edit audio

If we are looking for a program with which we can make our audio recordings and editions, we can also opt for some of these alternatives to Ocenaudio:


It may be the most popular free audio recording and editing software. It allows us to make recordings using a microphone or a sound mixer, so that our computer becomes a small home recording studio. It has the ability to record audio from different sources, and is capable of processing all kinds of files, including podcasts, since it has cut, normalization, and fading effects. To start using it, we only have to download it from its official website.


Another very interesting, complete and free option is Wavosaur. This application stands out for having native support for VST, which allows us to debug and manipulate audio tracks in different formats. We will also be able to remaster tracks, apply all kinds of effects to them, and even export their data to text files. In addition, it is a portable application so it will not be necessary to install it on our computer to be able to run it. If we want to try it, we can download it for free from its developer’s website.

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