Looking for a tattoo? These Instagram accounts will inspire you

On the other hand, another of the super known accounts in the world of Instagram tattoos is that of Dr woo. It is about a user with a very broad career, in which he has been expressing his creations on the skin of a large number of people since his adolescence. He is an expert in developing super realistic pieces that transmit a lot when you see them. As often happens in the world of social networks, his popularity together with his excellent work has led him to be another person in charge of portraying his works in celebrities such as Chiara Ferragni, Ellie Goulding or Drake. Dr. Woo currently has 1.8 million followers On Instagram.

A style very different from the usual is what it offers Sasha Unisex, a Russian tattoo artist who is passionate about art in all its facets. His creations are reminiscent of watercolor paintings, which he also enjoys using in sketchbooks and canvases. This style is mixed with geometric figures and a spectacular use of colors and tones. Together, both aspects shape the way of expressing the art that this girl has running through her veins.

It is true that everything you post through your account on this social network is not tattoos. But, without a doubt, it is something that has already dazzled more than 730 thousand users On Instagram.

The account of Hannah pixie is another one of those options for those in love to express their style through ink. With creations based on black, lines and dots, she is able to develop works that are super attractive to the eye. So much so that his creations have already fallen in love with more than 675 thousand followers within this social network.

If you are one of those who enjoys ultra-realistic style tattoos, you should already know Fred Wayne Thomas, also known as Fred Tattoo. This is the first Spanish ink artist that we bring you in this compilation. His studio is in Murcia but he has already traveled half the world tattooing greats like Chris Brown, for example, everywhere. Fred is currently followed by more than half a million people On Instagram.

The services of Winterstone They have also been requested by celebrities such as Lady Gaga or Demi Lovato thanks to their great work as an artist. With a minimalist style, this Los Angeles-based ink lover is well known for his simple pieces that convey a lot. From flowers, butterflies, words and many more spectacular works despite their simplicity. Daniel Winter, who is what this boy is really called, is currently being followed by a little more than half a million users in this social network.

This artist from Russia considers herself a creator of botanical tattoos, and she shows it in every piece that she shares with her more than 440 thousand followers On Instagram. As you can see in his feed, he only makes pieces based on plants and flowers in full color. Realistic tattoos, with exquisite lines and super attractive tones made by Pis Saro.

For its part, Victor chil is a Barcelona tattoo artist who lives in Tulum (Mexico), known for his New School style and very realistic and striking pieces. Very colorful tattoos in which characters, shapes with shadows, objects and many more elements are captured with just a glance. In addition to tattooing in Mexico, he is also part of the Family Art Tattoo studio in Barcelona. Victor is currently followed by more than 435 thousand ink lovers and his peculiar style through this social network.

The following two profiles that we have selected for this compilation will be the delight for those who enjoy what is known as the style blackwork. The first one is Dark gallery, an Instagram account full of many examples of this type of tattoos, with ornaments on necks, backs, arms and legs full of black ink. Dark Gallery is followed by almost 250 thousand followers On Instagram.

Another account of this same style is Blackwork Archive, which already has 190 thousand users in this social network. A profile packed with examples of black ink artwork and even white-on-black ink creations that are also spectacular (as long as it’s done right). If you want to get one of these tattoos or, taking it to the extreme, a blackout in a complete area of ​​the body, this profile can give you many ideas of super interesting complete projects. Of course, keep in mind that it is one of the most painful tattoo styles.

Last but not least, we have another Spanish tattoo artist named Pol Tattoo. This boy has gained a lot of popularity in the last year thanks to his great work and that, in addition, he has been commissioned to capture one of his works in Ibai Llanos. This has meant that, currently, it has almost 38 thousand followers in this social network and uploading.

So far the compilation with some of the best accounts for tattoo lovers that you will be able to find on Instagram. Do you notice that something important is missing? Do you want to share with us any more to complete the list? You can leave us by a comment the profiles that you would like to recommend.

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