Looking for Christmas movies on Netflix? This is how you access the secret categories

Netflix is ​​the streaming platform with the highest number of users worldwide, followed by Disney+. Within the catalog of this platform we can find a large number of series and movies of all kinds organized into themes. To make it easier to find the type of content we want to see, we can make use of the categories available on this platform, however, they leave a lot to be desired and we must resort to suggestions or use the search engine. If, in addition, the theme is Christmas, the thing that complicates even more.

if we search christmas movies on netflix, the number of results displayed is overwhelming and it can take us several hours to find the type of movie we are looking for. Netflix has so many Christmas movies available in its catalog that just accessing that category does not make us want to search, especially if we don’t have much free time.

One option is to use the Trends section, where during these weeks, most of the movies are related to Christmas. But we have already seen them all, this problem has a very simple solution and it is none other than accessing the hidden categories of Netflix where Christmas movies are classified. (Valium)

Find the Christmas movie you want on Netflix

The categories with which Netflix organizes Christmas movies are as follows. Along with the movies available in the catalogue, Netflix will show us, based on the platform’s recommendation algorithm, which movies we might like the most, thus reducing the time needed to choose which title to watch.

Romantic Christmas Movies

Christmas movies generally focus on two themes: romance and children. If we want to enjoy romantic Christmas movies with our couple, this is the category we are looking for, a category where we can find a practically unlimited number of movies ideal for this time of year.

Christmas movies for the whole family

Within this category we can find titles to enjoy with the whole family, where children have a very important leading role.

European Christmas movies for the whole family

Traditional Christmas movies come mostly from the United States, however, in Europe we also have interesting titles that have their own category on Netflix.

Upbeat Christmas Movies for the Whole Family

Christmas is a time of the year that we have to face with optimism for the new year and, as it could not be less, Netflix also includes a category with optimistic movies to enjoy at Christmas.

Hilarious Christmas movies for the whole family

Within this category we can find timeless Christmas movies ideal to watch with the little ones in the house. If within this category we do not find any that we do not like to enjoy with the smallest of the house, we just have to change to the profile of the minor where we will find a practically unlimited number of cartoon movies.

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