Looking for gaming headphones? So don’t miss out on these offers

Ozone Ekho X40

This is stereo headphones that boast of having great precision in sound effects, thanks to the use of 50 mm diameter neodymium magnet speakers that guarantee excellent quality. These headphones are designed to provide excellent isolation from outside noise, they have a microphone with a retractable wand and their 3.5 mm connection makes them compatible with PCs, consoles and even mobile devices if you want.

Astro A10 gaming headset

Astro A10 gaming headset

The Astro A10 gaming headsets are the most basic of the famous manufacturer, but even so they remain a great contender in the mid-range of this market niche. This particular model provides stereo sound and multi-platform compatibility thanks to its 3.5-inch mini-jack connectivity, providing great comfort with its adjustable headband design and fabric earmuffs.

According to Astro, the sound of these headphones has been refined with Astro Audio, optimized for games, and compatible with Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos.

Ozone Nuke Pro 7.1

Ozone Nuke Pro gaming headset

If you are looking for virtual surround sound, these Ozone headphones with USB connection can be a great ally since they provide 7.1 sound with a frequency response of 18 Hz to 20 KHz and with a built-in folding microphone for your voice communications. In addition, they are compatible with all consoles and even smartphones since USB connectivity is through an external sound card that can be removed to use its 3.5 mm minijack audio connector.

Logitech G432 7.1 Gaming Headphones

Logitech G432 headphones with mic

These are the best-selling Logitech gaming headphones and the ones that we find today with a greater discount. Like the previous ones, they have virtual 7.1 sound through their included USB external sound card, but they can be used in stereo mode to be compatible with consoles since they also have a 3.5 mm minijack connection.

With a sturdy, adjustable frame and fabric ear cushions, these headphones are lightweight and comfortable enough that you can use them for hours on end without even noticing you’re wearing them.

Krom Kayle 7.1 RGB


We reached the end with these Krom Kayle gaming headphones, with virtual 7.1 surround sound and USB connection and a hanging headband design that automatically adapts to any type and size of head. They also have quite striking RGB lighting that is configurable from their software, and for the price they cost (more now with a 31% discount) the truth is that they give a very good quality sound.

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