Looking for gift ideas ? Amazon crushes the prices of its products (Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot, Kindle …) for Christmas!

While Amazon is one of the most popular online merchants in the world, it also offers accessories with its own brand. For this end of the year and your Christmas gifts, everyone is benefiting from a nice drop in price!

Amazon has conquered the market as an online merchant, its reputation is well established in the e-commerce market. It benefits from a crazy strike force across the world, to the point that it is illustrated among the biggest players in the world in this segment. However, it is also renowned for its brand of accessories which is intended to be vast and varied.

On the occasion of Christmas, Amazon accessories are entitled to exceptional discounts on the merchant site. For example, we find the Echo Dot (3Gen) at only 19.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros at the online merchant. Depending on the references, discounts can go up to 60%, this is the perfect opportunity to save money on voice assistants, e-readers or other items of this caliber. We will have to act quickly, these deals are doomed to disappear within a few days at most. Here is the detail :

  • Fire TV Stick lite at € 18.99 instead of € 29.99
  • Fire TV Stick 4K Max at € 38.99 instead of € 64.99
  • Fire Cube at € 84.99 instead of € 119.99
  • Echo Flex at € 14.99 instead of € 29.99
  • Echo Dot (3Gen) at € 19.99 instead of € 49.99
  • Echo Dot (4Gen) + Philips Hue White bulb at € 69.99 instead of € 99.99
  • Echo Show 5 at € 44.99 instead of € 84.99
  • Kindle Paperwhite at € 119.99 instead of € 139.99
  • Blink Mini Camera at € 22.99 instead of € 34.99
  • Ring Video doorbell 3 at € 139 instead of € 179
  • Amazon eero mesh Wi-Fi router / repeater at 67 € instead of 99 €

To discover the offers on Amazon accessories, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offers

Among the most popular Amazon accessories are the Echo Dot smart assistants – models have evolved over generations. All are equipped with Alexa, which allows you to place voice commands or control other connected objects in your home. Otherwise, the Fire TV Stick presents itself as a competitor to the Google Chromecast, the object plugs into your TV so that you can easily view your smartphone content on the TV. We do not forget either the excellent Kindle e-readers of the brand, they too are among the bestsellers at the online merchant.

Full of big brands for Christmas

Amazon accessories are a great idea for Christmas gifts. If the price of the product line was accessible even without discount, it simply becomes unbeatable with the current offers at the online merchant. These are all great items if you haven’t yet found what you want to give your loved ones this holiday season, whether it’s an Alexa voice assistant or a Kindle e-reader.

If Amazon accessories are in the spotlight at the moment, so are all the major brands at the online merchant. Apple, Samsung, Bose, Philips, Garmin… The entire tech sector benefits from heavy reductions for your last Christmas gifts, whether smartphones, computers, tablets or even headphones. The premium devices that you covet the rest of the year become much more accessible during this time.

There are only a few days left to enjoy it, as Amazon accessories are regularly out of stock throughout the year. With these mini prices, it wouldn’t be surprising that they all disappear in the hours to come.

I take advantage of the offers

By ordering an Amazon accessory or any other product from the online merchant, know that you have until January 31, 2022 to change your mind. This is the longest withdrawal period offered by an ecommerce platform in France, all the others are limited to just 14 or 20 days. This means you can place an order, give the gifts away at Christmas, and take the time to return them in January if they don’t suit the recipient. Who says better ?

What is the point of Amazon accessories?

If you are not familiar with these Amazon accessories, it is worth taking a closer look at the features of each so that you understand their value. As we have said, the Fire TV Stick is a small object that looks like a simple USB key. It plugs directly into your TV so you can mirror content from your smartphone directly to the TV screen. It is a simple and efficient solution for accessing Netflix and other video streaming services.

Otherwise, Amazon speakers like the Echo Dot or the Echo Show are connected objects – the subtlety of the second version (Show) lies in the fact that it has a screen. From these devices connected via WiFi, you can use your voice to play music or others. If you have other connected objects (robot vacuum cleaner, Philips Hue bulbs), these speakers also allow you to control other devices.

Kindle e-readers are also among the most popular Amazon accessories. With these models, you have plenty of time to store a large number of books of all kinds. When you are on the go, on vacation or traveling, you no longer need to carry tons of books in your bag, the tablet does the job perfectly. Note that the screen has been designed to look as much as possible like a conventional support, so that the screen does not damage the eyes. All these accessories are simple and easy to use, but they also aim to simplify your daily life. Don’t wait any longer to choose the one that suits you or give it away during the holiday season.

To access offers on Amazon accessories, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offers

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