Looking for Moon Knight costume? This guy has the perfect mask

Undoubtedly, it is about one of the Marvel series that has left the most mark on everything so far in 2022. A fiction that has been liked (there are exceptions, of course) and that marks the beginning of the journey of another of those dark heroes that the comic book factory usually saves for the future. That yes, of all that we have seen so far, it is the one that has one of the most fascinating costumes, where a mask stands out that is the nightmare of those who dare to challenge the avatar of the god Khonshu.

How is it done?

The fact is that, as they say, “there are people pa tó”, and a kid has appeared on the internet who has not been afraid to rise to the challenge of creating that extraordinary mask of Moon Knight, which not only replicates each turn of bandage on the face but also has installed some lights to make it even more scary when we meet him in the dark of night.

It has been on the YouTube channel of Sean’s Crafts where they have shown the entire process on video and, in addition, they have left us all the elements that you must buy/use, with links in the description to every tool and component you’ll need to complete the Moon Knight skin. And it all starts, as you can imagine, with some simple patterns that can be downloaded in PDF format to have the exact measurements when printing the base on paper.

With this pattern that you have on you must build the base of the mask looking very carefully at what is indicated in the video, in such a way that it will later serve as a mold to apply the fiberglass strips inside which, together with the epoxy glue, will transform the final result into a rigid and customizable structure. But do not think that everything is already finished… there is more.

Moon Knight’s bandages are missing

Although the part of creating the base of the mask is already finished (if you have followed all the steps), this is when the most complicated moment arrives, which is to make what we have in hand end up becoming one of the elements that best identify the Moon Knight within the Disney + series. And indeed, we are referring to the bandages.

Surely it is the most complicated job because not only do we have to define the folds of each of those bandages in a way that is faithful to the original, but also It will be here when we show our talent when it comes to giving color (white) and develop that look of mummy? how well it suits the superhero.

Enhance every crease, applying shadows on each of them and recreating that ripped effect is the really complicated part. If you are able to do it (and put the lights in your eyes), you already have enough cattle to build your next Moon Knight costume, one of the Marvel heroes from whom we expect new news about future series or movies that tell us more about his always strange adventures. Nope?

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