Lottery! Here’s how you can win a new iPad mini 2021

Last September the highly anticipated 6th generation iPad mini and in La Manzana Mordida we are already raffling it. An ideal team for fans of Apple’s small tablets, powered by the A15 Bionic chip and compatible with Apple Pencil 2 and with an up-to-date design that has been highly sought after in recent years. And it is that the benefits of the iPad mini of 2021 are very, very TOP.

To do this, you just have to become a VIP of La Manzana Mordida, which does have a monthly or annual cost. Although if you keep reading you may find yourself with a surprise, since we are on sale for Black Friday and it could be a perfect opportunity to join the community and incidentally be able to take an iPad mini like this.

Features of the iPad being raffled off

The first thing you should know is that it is an iPad completely new and original. It is in the version of 64 GB, although with color to choose. You will be the one who premieres it if you are the winner, all you have to do is contact us through the section that we will give in a premium podcast through which the draw will be resolved.

ipad mini 6

Giveaway conditions

  • With reduced price for Black Friday! As we already told you, the VIP area of ​​La Manzana Mordida has a price of 5 euros per month or 60 per year. However, if you use the code BLACKFRIDAY50 You can have the annual fee reduced by half. That is, for 30 euros (2.15 euros per month) you can have access.
  • How much can you participate? The raffle has been open for several weeks and you can participate in it until December 3, the day on which the podcast on which the raffle will be resolved will be recorded.
  • Is it an international giveaway? Yes, it is a completely international giveaway. If you reside in Spain and you are the winner, we will send you the device directly. If you live abroad, a transfer will be made to you with the equivalent amount in euros to the price so that you can buy it, thus avoiding possible delays and extra costs with customs.
  • What more requirements must be met? In addition to being a VIP of La Manzana Mordida and not having canceled the automatic renewal of the subscription, you must leave a comment in the entry of the giveaway commenting that you want to participate in it.
  • How will the winner be announced? As we already said, it will be in the premium podcast on Sunday, December 5, in which the raffle is held and the winner is announced, so if you sign up you can’t miss it.

raffle ipad mini 2021

What else does the VIP area of ​​La Manzana Mordida offer?

VIP subscribers to La Manzana Bordida have all these advantages:

  • Access to a weekly podcast category “premium” with Fernando del Moral, David Hebrero and Fabián Fernández, who analyze the highlights of the Apple world every week, reveal the ins and outs of the project of a medium like this and where interviews are eventually carried out with well-known faces in the sector .
  • Other exclusive giveaways: Every month there is a raffle like the one for the iPad mini. We have already given away devices such as an iPhone 13 Pro this year and surely more ‘fat’ raffles are coming. Last year we already raffled a MacBook Pro M1.
  • Access to an exclusive community: We have a Discord server where all VIP members can openly discuss Apple and many other topics, as well as being able to leave us proposals and suggestions for the future of La Manzana Mordida, since their opinion is more than valuable as they are the sponsors main of this project.

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