Love in the UCM: 5 couples who met in the Marvel movies

Without a doubt, the MCU has quickly become one of the most successful and most beloved franchises by fans. Its success could be due to the fact that have masterfully exploited the dynamics of comics, both in the format of movies that combine macro-events that mix dozens of characters with other smaller films as an appetizer. Also, those responsible for Marvel Studios have become true specialists when it comes to developing love relationships, so this time we bring you a list of some of the couples that the UCM has left us.

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

The original couple that kicked off love at Marvel. Despite the fact that at the beginning of the first feature film of Hombre de Hierro they had a merely professional relationship, as boss and secretary, however after Tony’s kidnapping at the hands of the Ten Rings terrorist group, and with the change in Tony Stark’s attitude, They begin to get closer until finally they end up consolidated as a relationship at the end of Iron Man 2. In fact, to this day they are the only couple who have had children in the movies: Morgan Stark.

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

One of the most tragic couples in the entire UCM. Their relationship begins in a strange way. First, Peggy pitied that scrawny young Steve Rogers, although finally he manages to win her affection with his heart of gold. They eventually end up together, but that relationship is interrupted by Captain America’s accident in the arctic ice and his pronounced lethargy for decades. After it thaws, Rogers manages to find a very old Peggy Carter, whom he will accompany until she dies in 2016 (within fiction).

Although this ending was devastating, the couple could have a second chance after the events of avengers endgame, when Steve travels back in time to return the Infinity Stones and decides to stay in the 1940s to live the life he couldn’t have. Am I the only one crying?

Thor and Jane Foster

One of the most peculiar couples of all that we have in the Marvel Universe. Although she begins by running Thor over with her caravan, Soon they begin to get along very well and end up being a couple, although they are forced to separate since the God of Thunder has to return to Asgard to stop his brother Loki, who threatens to erase the ice giants from existence.

They later met again during the events of Thor The Dark Worldfilm in which both joined forces to fight against the dark elves. Unfortunately, in thor ragnarok we are confirmed that they ended up breaking their relationship. However, not everything seems to be lost for this pair of lovebirds, since in Thor Love & Thunder will they meet again… like pigeons in love?

Peter Parker and MJ Watson

One of the couples that has quickly won the affection of the followers. Though in Spider-Man Homecoming they hardly even say a word, in the second film that relationship is explored in more depth, which, although somewhat strange, is one of the most emotional in the entire saga. However, the high point of this duo comes in Spider-Man No Way Home, feature film in which Peter and MJ, along with Ned, team up to hunt down villains brought from the multiverse.

Although everything seems to be going well during Spider-Man’s multiversal adventure, the spell that Doctor Strange must cast to close all the gates from other dimensions will cause MJ forgot the existence of her boyfriend, so they say goodbye with the promise that they will meet again. What a beautiful love story!

Starlord and Gamora

surely it is the love story that fans could least imagine when they started to see the first installment of Guardians of the Galaxy. He, a cheeky who wanders around the Galaxy stealing or, at least, closing shady deals with the worst of each planet; she, the daughter of Thanos that few would want to have near her. But love arose and has remained despite what has happened in the UCM over the last eight years.

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